Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Those Were The Days My Friends

Tonight is another night with my drink-happy team. What a fun bunch - also without the consumation of alcohol.

Which reminds me of the meeting between my old and my new boss and I during which my old boss asked my new boss if there was anything he should know about me and my old boss came up with a lot of nice things about me. Only her closing statement sounded something like "and she never came to work drunk".

Huh. Go figure.

It is true though I may not be accountable for the odd amount of rest alcohol on Monday mornings. Ok that was a joke. Or it is at least now.

In my first job, when I was young and irresponsible, there may have been the odd times that some of us my two favorite colleagues and I came to work slightly tipsy intoxicated. Yes those were the days when we had no life and mold was growing on our cold, damp bedroom walls in our swanky stinky first Dublin flat. The only thing left to do (and I swear this is why pubs are so wildly popular on the emerald isle) is to go to a warm, dry pub and socialize with all the other island folks who shared a similar fate.

Those days are long gone as is my ability to stay awake past midnight on any given weekday.

Yes we're old but tonight, if only for a few pints, I will be back in Dublin again. Having the craic and some alcohol and a warm, dry home with a loving husband to return to.

Life is beautiful.


M. said...

oh... i've been there too... isn't that what youth is for? wasting it? i really hope so. i may have shown up for work on a few ocassions.... err, a little wobbly.

of course, we just had some dirty downtown bar we went to... nothing like a nice warm pub in Dublin. Does it count that there were Irish guys in our bar? Huh... maybe. :)

Stephanie said...

I have had many experiences like that! It has now been awhile, but I remember. It was always fun and I would do it again! :)

k a t i e said...

My gosh, I remember the days of going to SCHOOL slightly tipsy.

Ahh, back in the day when one had nothing to lose...(except brain cells, clearly).

Melisa Wells said...

Well? How'd it go?

kat said...

Paper Propaganda Irish blokes in the bar totally count :)

Steph Hehe good times huh?

Katie Yes, countless brain cells on my part judging by some of my actions LOL.

Melisa In short? Three "Radler" beer with lemonade, a "Schweinebraten", lots of laughter+ fun, a hubby who picked me up, in bed before midnight (by a few minutes). Hangover headache this morning as if I had been chucking beer on an all-nighter.

WeaselMomma said...

That's a better compliment than any boss has ever given me! Hope you had an awesome time. Thanks for stopping by World of Weasels. I hope to see you around a lot.