Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don't you just love all the emigrant reality shows?

copyright VOX
We have just finished watching another "Goodbye Deutschland" episode on VOX and you gotta wonder how mankind came to live into the 21st century. Not only do jobless people emigrate with only a few Euro to their names but they also emigrate to countries with no previous knowledge of the language whatsoever. You'd think that they prepare themselves before venturing out into the great unknown. I can assure you, most don't. You watch them wonder why they are having a hard time finding accomodation or work...It is because you are total morons and you don't speak the language for starters. Others emigrate from Germany to Italy, just to live close to their horses? Could there be a more moronic reason? Of course neither of these highly intelligent people speaks a word of Italian. And I have to say that I love it when they start comparing everything to Germany. They emigrated because they were sick of Germany but start complaining when it is not as clean, the health system not as good, the bureaucracy worse and the food not the same as it is at home. Hello??? I don't know why I enjoy seeing them winding like worms. I suppose it is like an accident, really bad but you just can't look away. You can't deny that despite it all it makes for some very entertaining television watching and I guess it helps others with who harbour the same wish to emigrate. I have to give it to VOX though. At least their documentary shows that there is a lot of work and effort involved if you want to make "living abroad" work.

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