Thursday, August 16, 2007

Football's coming home

pics courtesy of ddp, AP

The hubby and I went to see Mehmet Scholl play his farewell game for FC Bayern München against FC Barcelona. While the game was a bit "slow" and not up to our high expectations we did have some fun. For one we enjoyed seeing Mehmet play and it was great to see this legend and great talent leave the pitch after a legendary career. In the 85th minute Lionel Messi made a goal and shortly thereafter a streaker came running onto the pitch. Only he wasn't naked. He came out of nowhere, ran up to Messi and pulled a red hat over his head. Lionel Messi was literally too stunned to move and the streaker ran a zigzag course before Security got him and he was escorted from the stadium. We thought it was a great intermission in a rather mediocre game. Today we found out that guy does that as a hobby and even runs his own website. Check it out under

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