Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lilly is about to go bonkers

Lilly is about to go bonkers. The can openers have decided not to let her out for a stroll unless she gets along with Maunzerl. Good luck to her and us. She has not yet stopped hissing and running after the kitten, let alone stopped to hit the little one over the head when she's fast enough to get to her. Turns out Lilly is what I call a mama's cat. She comes to me for some tender loving care but bites the hubby. She senses that the little one is really into him and that disqualified him from the TLC act. He is still good enough to open a few more cans for her, she isn't really picky when it comes to food. This morning I played with her and her favourite toy. A piece of string. She was fierce in chasing and catching it, bumping her head on the couch several times. However Lilly succeeded in chasing and "killing" it. Too funny for words.

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