Monday, August 6, 2007

Maunzerl started to blog

Yes, who would have thought it. Only ten weeks old and already blogging. You don't believe me? I got proof. Lilly has decided that after five days of strolling through the neighborhood it was time to check on the "ol' family" upstairs. The hubby went downstairs and called her name once and she came with him pretty much without hesitating. In the kitchen she started talking and swallowed two cans of cat food. Seemingly without breathing before gulping down some water. Minutes later she wandered into the living room to find Maunzerl there, who she greeted with some loud hissing. Later that night she cosied up to us in bed and never left our side. You could actually hear her purr....amazing. Maunzerl meanwhile thought it was cool to have the big, old pussycat back and decided to stick around Lilly and go wherever she would go. Too funny for words as Lilly got really annoyed by it and ended up sleeping on our bed where she was safe from the "little one".

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