Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Night out

The hubby called a night out with all the DUB ex-expatriates :). The location was voted for unanimously and we were originally headed for Italian but ended up in a Greek restaurant. How come you may ask? Men just don't know how to properly communicate.

A bunch of women want to meet for Dinner. A time and location are chosen and you can count on all of them being there. Granted, some may run late (make-up issues) others may have had troubles parking (female parking-issues). And yes, women tend to go to the loo in good company. But they are perfectly able to show up at the designated time and spot.

Men want to meet for Dinner. A time and location are chosen. Several phone calls made. Was I supposed to pick you up? No? Good. Because I am almost there. Second call: Where are you? Oh you are there already? Ok. Third call: Where exactly are you? Oh you are waiting with the others at the train station? I am coming to meet you. Fourth call: I can't see you anywhere. What end of the train station are you at? They do eventually make it to Dinner but only just...the movers and shakers :)

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