Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hmm yummy, yummy cooking

We just had a friend over for dinner and it was yummy. I started preparing the meal last night so the meat would have enough time to marinate in the almost ready sauce, which enhances the flavor. I just love it when I have enough time to cook. Picking and preparing the fresh ingredients. Just yesterday I read an article that there's currently about 50 cooking shows on German television each week!!! Yet less and less people cook. Something to do with those shows substituting for the actual cooking part.
Last week we were watching a show where a 28 year old woman who willingly admitted that she was not able to cook. I always thought that meant she can cook but it doesn't taste good. Could I have been any more wrong? She meant she could not cook - literally. She didn't even know how to boil potatoes.
I was shocked. She explained that she was never thaught how to cook nor was she interested in watching her family prepare a meal. So mommies all over the world, let your kids help in the kitchen!
I do however get a kick out of standing in a steaming kitchen to prepare a nice and hot dish for my family. And so we had an enjoyable Sunday evening with great food and even better entertainment.


1 Crazy Bride-to-Be said...

My mom never taught me how to cook. She's a single mom so we mostly grew up with nannies. I've had fascination about cooking since I was young and from observing other people cook, looking at recipes and practicing, I learned! It would have been different if my mom really taught me so I wouldn't have to find it elsewhere.

Kat said...

Yes I think you have to have an interest in cooking or else all is lost. I have been fascinated by it since I was a toddler. After stirring in empty pots and pans I bugged my mom enough for her to really let me help her in the kitchen. Glad you get a kick out of cooking as well. By the way I just looked at your wedding bands and find them really, really beautiful. Good choice.