Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I think I need professional help

Could it be true? It is only about three months till Christmas now. The other day I got totally upset when I saw Christmas stuff in the shelves of my local supermarket. It was in August mind you. To think that the biggest part of the year has come and passed. It couldn’t be could it? There’s a chestnut tree in front of our dining room window. It looked like it was dead when we moved into the house in the middle of February. We watched it bloom enjoyed it’s shade, it served as TV for the cats with all the birds flying in and out.
You could literally watch the chestnuts grow bigger and bigger in their “prickly mantle”. Now the few leaves left have turned yellow and red and brown and some of the little prickly buggers have already been found on the ground peeled from their “shell”.

When is a good time to start shopping for Christmas presents? I wonder about that every year. The reason why I ask is because I was wondering how others cope with it. I usually wait until the very last. I have to. I admire people that are done with their Christmas shopping before the rest of us storms the shops with no idea as to what to give to the people you love and care about. The reason I can’t go shopping early is, what if the person I have intended to have this gift gets it for him/herself even before Christmas. Then I have to start all over. I get so stressed out over this. The very thought of having to come up with an idea for everyone to buying it. I think I never actually said that on here but I hate shopping. That’s right. I HATE SHOPPING. There it is. It is out. My husband does our shopping because I can’t bear it. It bores me beyond belief. I love shopping for clothes for myself (what woman doesn’t) but everything else, furniture, shoes, groceries…leave me alone with that.

I think I need professional help or I will be in a real pickle. When do you start your actual Christmas shopping??? Do you actually go out in the stores or do you shop online? I seriously need to know so I can get a head start this year because my family has grown and extended to the hubby’s side and I seriously need to get a groove on. Him having three siblings and three nephews and nieces. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

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J said...

I do Christmas shopping at the stores during December. I always try to do it earlier, say November, but it's unsuccesful. I end up buying things for myself and I won't have much budget left so I keep on postponing to the last minute. It's nice do it here during December because of the sale season but then, the crowd is just unbearable. If you feel it's too early do the shopping, maybe that can wait a lil bit until you think you really need to buy asap. That's just my "2cents" :p