Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Póg mo thóín - Irish for kiss my a***

I am feeling a bit less homesick today. The weather’s been really Irish lately. It’s been cold and windy and there’s been rain on and off. When I stepped out of the house this morning I kinda had a flashback. It was also the first morning in about four months that I thought it would be better to wear a jacket to work.

Anyway this is the right kind of weather to go down to the boozer, cosy up to the fireplace and have a few pints before heading home and looking like a total wagon by the time you hit the sack. I kinda miss going out for a few drinks under the week with the girls because we are now scattered all over the world and I doubt that we will ever get the old crowd together in one spot ever again.

Currently listening to Colm & JimJim on the radio, discussing whether Keira Knightley is a wagon or not. It just cracks me up. The listeners voted that Keira is a wagon as well as Renee Zellwegger. Hilarious. Not really a happy bunny without listening to these two guys in the morning. They are deadly. My favorite part of their show is when Duggy Highlife, formerly known as Gavin calls in. Used to love this when they were still with FM104 and still love it today. I always listen to the podcasts as well. They are to be found here:

http://www.rte.ie/radio1/podcast/podcast_colmandjimjim.xml .

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