Thursday, October 18, 2007

100 Things About Me

  1. My childhood was great.
  2. My best friend lived across the street.
  3. I take after my Dad.
  4. I was a bad eater when I was little.
  5. The only thing I ate was pasta or chicken noodle soup.
  6. These two foods are still my favorite dishes.
  7. When I am sick I crave chicken noodle soup.
  8. The smell of the soup reminds me of my grandma.
  9. My grandma stayed home with me until I was three years old.
  10. My first year in kindergarten was hell.
  11. I ran after my mom every day. Some days she had to bring me back three times.
  12. The last year in kindergarten was great. I didn't want to leave.
  13. I loved school.
  14. During my first year in school I was late every morning because I had to wait for my mom. I never mentioned it to her until years later.:)
  15. I had good grades.
  16. I was class president.
  17. I was my school's speaker in Junior year. I hate public speaking!
  18. On photo day my face was voted cutest face in 12th grade.
  19. My mom never allowed me to dye my hair.
  20. My parents were very strict in raising me.
  21. If I ever have kids I will try to raise them the way my parents raised me.
  22. All my friends think my parents rock.
  23. So do I. We are very close.
  24. Most of my friends are male.
  25. In the past I got along better with boys than with girls.
  26. I wanted to leave school when I was sixteen.
  27. Luckily my parents knew how to prevent that.
  28. I am grateful they did.
  29. When I was eighteen I moved out and spent a year in Connecticut.
  30. I was an Au Pair.
  31. My hostfamily was great.
  32. We were still in touch up until two years ago.
  33. I miss them.
  34. I admire my hostmom.
  35. She raised two brilliant boys.
  36. She kicks ass and I always wanted to become a mix of my mom and her.
  37. After my year abroad I went to University.
  38. I was really unhappy with what I chose to study.
  39. Student life was awesome though.
  40. I did some really wild things my (ex)boyfriend did not have a clue about.
  41. My husband knows.
  42. I always wanted to work for an airline.
  43. During my last semester in University I applied for a job in Ireland.
  44. I was invited for an interview and two weeks later I lived in Dublin.
  45. I worked in Customer Relations for an airline, which was awesome.
  46. My work was quite challenging but my colleagues rocked and we had the best time anyone could imagine.
  47. I dated some really funny Irish guys.
  48. When speaking English nobody can determine where I come from from my accent.
  49. I speak a funny mix of an American accent mixed with some Irish and German accent.
  50. People guess I am from Canada.
  51. This cracks me up no end. I never heard a Canadian speak like this.
  52. I met my husband via IM
  53. He invited me for coffee at 5a.m.
  54. I agreed.
  55. He doesn't drink coffee!
  56. We moved in together after six months.
  57. We got engaged after nine months.
  58. We got married after one year.
  59. I never wanted to leave Ireland.
  60. My husband got a job in Germany.
  61. After our wedding I flew back to Dublin and my husband drove to Munich.
  62. I quit my job and follwed him to Germany to be with him.
  63. Luckily I found another job quite fast.
  64. I feel like I have "arrived" and I belong here for the first time in years.
  65. I am a compulsive eater.
  66. I am overweight.
  67. I joined Weight Watchers and am doing great.
  68. in addition to that I blog about it on two weight loss blogs.
  69. Eating healthy improved my skin and makes me sleep better at night.
  70. My husband doesn't mind me being overweight.
  71. He does support me every step of the way.
  72. I think and dream in English.
  73. I am German and was born and bred in East Germany.
  74. My husband and I will probably emigrate once again. It's only a matter of time.
  75. The hubby and I speak English at home.
  76. He is German as well.
  77. We used to put one Euro into a piggy bank for each German word hat was uttered.
  78. After six months we had about 900 Euro.
  79. I studied Chinese.
  80. I forgot most of it and hate myself for it.
  81. I am obsessed with books.
  82. The smell of a new book is to me what the smell of a cookie is for the cookie monster
  83. I cannot walk past a bookstore without going in.
  84. Amazon is deadly for me.
  85. I have to own a book. Lending books from the library wont suffice.
  86. Small talk is nothing I can do.
  87. I am an excellent judge of character and was right about almost everyone I met.
  88. I want to kick people who use drugs to party. It makes me angry.
  89. My husband thinks I am a messy neatfreak :)
  90. Sometimes I am too lazy to unload and load the dishwasher and let the dishes sit in the sink til doomsday.
  91. Other times I get upset when I come into the appartment and find only one thing displaced.
  92. I am a grumpy old bitch when things don't go the way I want them to.
  93. Most of the time I am well balanced.
  94. I have no siblings.
  95. Should we decide to have kids I only want one.
  96. The hubby wants two.
  97. I love cats and dogs.
  98. The hubby says I love anything with fur PERIOD.
  99. I am very impatient. Most possibly the most impatient person you will ever come across.
  100. Eating chicken gives me diarrhea but that doesn't stop me from eating it.


Anonymous said...

this is her hubby just to let you know, that no matter how much you are turning into a "old grumpy Bi..." i still love you and will do so in the future. looking for tonight where i still wait for the 1000 kisses...

Anonymous said...

and yes, i refuse to create a accounnt to leave comments on blogs...hubby out...

Melisa said...

Wow, what a great post! It answered some of the questions I had about you! I've been wondering:

1. if you are German or just live there
2. if you had ever lived in the USA
3. if you like chicken (LOL: Just kidding on that last one)

Thanks for sharing all that stuff: I feel like I know you much better now!

P.S. And "Hi!" to your anonymous Hubby. :)


Humor Girl said...

we have a lot in common.... And NOT a lot in common! I was never near class president!

Danielle A. said...

This is such a neat post. :) I also think it's interesting that you and hubby speak English at home, though you're both German. This is such a neat way to learn things about a person. :)

Lainey-Paney said...

oh my gosh, that's a lot of stuff about you!

Jeninacide said...

I can't believe you think and speak English but you're German! How funny!

Kat said...

@ Melisa I'm glad this post could answer some of your questions and yes to the chicken thing Hehe ^^

@ Humor girl- it seems we have a lot in common.The class president thing in Germany doesn't quite have the same relevance as it does in the US or so it seems.Btw I hate public speaking :)

@ Danielle - I thought so too. It is a nice way to learn about someone. Most people think it's strange we speak English but we like to practice it as much as possible as it is important for our jobs.

@ Lainey-Painey - looots of stuff and there's more in stock :)

@ Jeninacide - Yes it sure is funny and weird and we like it. Many thanks can be said easier than in German and we like that.

Anonymous said...


#20 and #21 goes the same for me. We must swap stories on strict parents. Mine were way nuts! But I LOVE THEM and ADMIRE THEN now.

#75 is so interesting! Do a lot of people speak English in Germany? I'm intrigued.

#95 and #96 - Reconsider and have two. I can see the allure of are a handful. What about your hubby is he an only child. Just my two cents,personally I'd die without my sister :)

I should have kept my 100 fact short and sweet. I rambled on and on so I only got up to 20. You inspire me to put some more up this weekend :)

Kat said...

Hi Patty, yeah we must swap stories. If you want to you can also email me at:

Most of the "younger" Germans speak English. The hubby and I met in Ireland so we just stuck with it and did so so we would not forget it. It is fun and good practice. We need it for business as we both work for a company whose HQ is in the US :) Most of our business is conducted in English all over Europe.

Not So Perfect said...

Thanks for putting this link on the side bar it answered a lot of questions I had about you.

I think I am going to do something similiar on my blog.