Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birddogcat made a boo boo

As I was sitting on our couch enjoying the sunshine flooding in through our french windows,our precious birddogcat jumps up and pees right on the couch. Not just a few sprinkles either but a full-on, steady stream of pee. Needless to say I was not pleased. I had forgotten that I had put the laundry in the dryer which incidently is in the guestbathroom where the cat's litter boxes are. They are scared of the rumbling noises of the dryer and it seems birddogcat had to go really urgently.

Normally I watch out that the cat's have access to their loo at all times and when I put the laundry in both cats were sound asleep. Unfortunately birddogcat woke up a mere 7 minutes before the dryer was done. Bad timing. I ran for a bucket and a cloth and sprayed it with Febreze afterwards. I hope to have gotten the worst off and it wont start to smell but we will see about that once it has dried entirely. Anyone has a tip what to use on catpee? Any suggestions are more than welcome.


Melisa said...

There is a product called "Nature's Miracle" that is supposed to work on, ahem, bodily fluids. It has always worked for me with doggie stuff, however I can't claim having any experience with cat pee... (Just an idea!)


J said...

Yikes! I'm sorry I dont have any tips for cat pee. Did febreeze work?

Kat said...

Yes the Febreeze seems to have done the job, though I think I caught most of the pee early on so I hope it is fine now. Didn't smell anything when I came in this morning.

Jeninacide said...

Thank goodness! Cat pee smell is the WORST! When I sit on one of my couches I very occasionally get a whiff of cat pee smell and I have NO IDEA where it is coming from! I search and search and never find the source!