Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Kat Needs

Patty will recognize this one as soon as she sees it and I got this from her. Yes Patty I am reading all your old posts :). I hope she does not mind this but if you want to see what Patty needs or more precisely needed in early 2006 then please click HERE .

This is how it works. Just google "[your name] needs" and copy a few that catch your eye into a post. Here’s what google thinks I need:

Kat needs… money to feed her heinous addiction to Gummy Worms (Who of you posted that about me? *lol*)
Kat needs… a rest (I second that)
Kat needs… a good home. (But I already have one)
Kat needs… 10 folks who would like to get in on a chain-email recipe exchange started by a friend (Chain mail? Who wants my scorn?)
Kat needs… Kash (Yes, spot on. Gimme all your cash)
Kat needs… to facilitate XML authoring of a given document category (ahem I don’t think so)
Kat needs… to escape her nightmares (So very true)
Kat needs… a snog (Snog? What am I? 15?)
Kat needs… to cooperate with a daemon service that runs in the background
Kat needs… a serious azz beatdown for this (sure spank me!)
Kat needs… an episiotomy (A what? I had to look this up & I hope I’m never gonna need this)
Kat needs… some PR work and quick (sure why not?)
Kat needs… a man (I already have my hands full with the one I got)
Kat needs… a whole video though (exactly, where’s the fun in half a video?)
Kat needs… a ride to Lancaster, PA (Why? I am not Amish)
Kat needs… her cheeks sucked in AND her nose touched up (What for?)
Kat needs… Charlie to sign some legal papers so that she can pay off Graham (Graham if you want your money look at number one)
Kat needs… to find a scientist rumored to have created an antidote to a deadly virus (For the sake of mankind I’ve got a scientist to find)

WHAT DO YOU NEED? Consider yourself tagged :)


Kat said...
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Lainey-Paney said...

I just did mine on my blog. Mine's so...boring compared to yours.

Jeninacide said...

Hehe! I hope I don't need an episiotomy either! Blah!

Hehe- you could TOTALLY use a snog though...!

Anonymous said...

This is an oldie but goodie!

I had to look up snog and episiotomy. LOL! I'm so out of it today!

Manic Mom said...

OK, that sounds fun. I'm off to google!

Mags said...

a serious azz beatdown for this ...ha ha haa!!!!!

Very fun. But you'd better get some help for that gummy worm addiction. ;)

FRIGGA said...

You got really funny ones. I did this MeMe several months ago, it wasn't nearly this funny!

I also wanted to thank you for sending your + vibes my way, when I could, I'd take my BIL's laptop, and sign into blogger to check for comments. They were all very encouraging!! :-)