Thursday, November 15, 2007

Flashback and a Trip down Memory Lane

This is for Jules from House of Jules. I believe I owe you some pictures. Well unfortunately it is a black and white pic but it was a yellow teddy coat. Oh how I hated the snow back then. My Dad said I was screaming my head off only minutes before this picture was taken.

This was my favorite pair of pants when I was little. And yes...I was strutting my stuff back then. LMAO

I also loved my red sweater jacket and my blue head. Is it just me or are my Dad's pants a fashion highlight? Oh those 70's were just cruel (not as cruel as the 80's though)

Move over Dorothy. My lovely red patent leather shoes. Red knee high socks. I don't even know what you'd call those pants? Any idea anyone? They were an abomination in lilac, blue and pink...combined with a lovely windbreaker...Gosh what was I thinking *lol* ?

Frills. I remember this shirt was baby blue with white frills.... Look at the neat hair and the cautious smile.

That's it for tonight. More to follow soon.


Jules said...

Kat! I love these photos! I think that the first one of you in that furry coat is one of the cutest photos I've ever seen in my life. That should totally be your holiday card! Do you have an old one of your husband as a kid out in the snow? It would be adorable!

The one of you "strutting your stuff" cracked me up!

I love the red shoes, too. I have a thing for red shoes.

Thanks for the shout out!

Lindz said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you Jen and Shannon for showing me the way to your blog. So fun! I love these pics, I wish I had something near as fun as these, I feel the urge to dig some up now.

J said...

ooohhh you were such a cute lil kid! I like the B/W pic the best. You were so cute!

SpAzzGiRL said...

I had a jacket just like your red one but mine was green and I loved it, back in 1979!

Jeninacide said...

You are sooo cute! I totally LOVE your red overalls!

Kat said...

Aaaw thanks everyone...if only some of that cuteness would have lived to see today...sigh. Jules the X-mas card idea is great, my mother in law is looking for pics of my hubby.

@Lindz glad to see you here. Do you have a blog of your own?

@ J - thanks :)

@ spazzigirl - yeah the good old seventies *lol*

@ jeninacide - you're making me blush...seems read was my color. Any news on the baby front?

Anonymous said...

You are so cute!!!

Ahh the 70s, back when most parents were color blind and just threw any ole colors on their kids. If I had a scanner I'd upload my pics of some funky 70s outfits.LOL!