Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pictures from Dublin

Unfortunately I couldn't upload any pictures yesterday but succeeded today.That's my former roomate Cris in front of his new house near Gorey County Wexford
Buy prams or cots on High Street *LoL*
Dubliners love to shop. This picture was taken early Friday morning. There was no holiday or day off. It is always this busy. Just imagine what it is like on the weekends.Cool part about the whole thing. They got a Sushi Restaurant in the middle of the main level of the mall called "Dundrum Town Center"
Impressions from our favorite Thai Restaurant "Chili Club"
My best friend Kati doing some shopping From the left: Elaine, me and Cris having a drink down at the Pub


Mags said...

Aw! You're so cute!!! :) I love the pics Kat, thanks for sharing them.

The picture of the Chili Club is awesome. I want to copy it and frame it for my kitchen. :)

Pocklock said...

My husband and I were talking earlier about places we'd like to travel to in the next year or so. Dublin was on the list!

These pictures are great. I would love to be in that pub right now. Looks so cozy and welcoming!

Misguided Mommy said...

looks like fun! nice to see pics of you

Melisa said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! When are you going for your next visit? :)

Anonymous said...

Cool Sushi bar...very creative. You look great!

What are PRAMS? I googled it and got Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System...I'm sure that's not what you are taking about! LOL

Anonymous said...
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Kat said...

@ Mags - thank you..don't make me blush hehe. The picture is one of my favorites as well

@ Pocklock - Dublin is certainly not the prettiest of cities but it has its own charm. You could say it is very special and always worth a trip

@ Misguided mommy - yep will share more in the future

@ Melisa - I hope I get to go again in spring

@ Patty - Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System for Prams? Funny, gotta tell my Irish friends. In the British isles this is used for buggy or stroller. I can tell you I was confused at first as well :)

J said...

wow you post pics! It's so nice out there :)