Thursday, November 29, 2007

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Currently there is about 38 million Euro (56 million US Dollar) in the German lottery jackpot. This is actually the highest Lottery jackpot in Germany thus far and man does it show.

Last night we went into our local supermarket to buy some potatoes. While my hubby went in to get them I went to the little newsagent that is right by the exit. I love to go into the newsagents to browse the glossy magazines and stuff. Last night I could not even get in. People were actually queueing to play the lotto. It was insane.

I admit I did play as well but in true geek fashion I did it online. Yesterday's jackpot was only 32 million Euro and it was not cracked so the madness continues in the run up to Saturday's draw. As I was thinking about the jackpot not being cracked I wondered what would I actually do with 38 Million Euro or 56 Million Dollars for my American friends. I do whine about money a lot but when it came to this unimaginable figure I had no idea.

Well of course I would buy a house and a nice car and get our families something great. I would make some donations to charities but what would you do with the rest? Would I keep working or would I stay home. Would I travel the world from then on or would I stay home and only travel a little? Questions, more questions and no answers.

Listening to the radio yesterday made me smile. They asked how would you tell your boss that you won the lottery? People came up with the oddest things. From shitting on his desk to giving him 50 bucks and tell him to get something nice to buying him a new car before feckin' off.

So my question to you is not only how you would tell your boss but what would YOU do with all that money?


Melisa said...

I hope I would stay true to form and be very careful with the money!

I would make sure that the kids have enough money to go to any college they want to, would probably move into a slightly nicer house (not necessarily bigger), would share with our parents and of course my sister...and take an extended trip to Germany, stopping briefly at your house to play a game of "Who Am I?" on my way through, stopping in Munich and parts beyond. :)

Travelling would be my real splurge.

Danielle A. said...

We've already discussed this. We'd set up numerous investment accounts before we did anything - including go public. Once we went public, I would advise my boss that I would work there until he found my replacement - and if they were willing to pay me while doing it I would even train my replacement. Then I would not work there anymore. I would, however, work - most likely at a non-profit - because otherwise I would go batty. :)

Unnaturally Blonde said...

Wouldn't it be nice to win, I was flipping thrilled when we won $8 off a scratcher one day. I think I would buy my parents a small house near the beach and then a big house for the Hubs and myself, the a something fancy schmancy for our little pomeranian, Shelby :-) I found you from Alyndabear, you're geat! I really enjoying the reading!

Anonymous said...

I would give my boss a 6-8 weeks notice to find someone else to take my place. I would continue to train and inform my current department of all procedures. (Yes I'm very responsible I know - I love my job) I would also tell him that I will not work on Fridays anymore. The trade off they can have me here until the replacement is fully trained.

Now for the money spending:
I would play off all my parents debts, my sister's debts, my own debt, pay off my mortgage, set up a college fund for my godson, make a will, go on vacation for 2-4weeks with my family, shit I'd buy a jet so my dog can travel in style not with the luggage, come back to NY and start apartment hunting in Manhattan. Yes maybe buy myself a penthouse apartment near central park. Buy my parent's their own apartment where ever they want to live and send some money to relatives in Ecuador. Hire a personal trainer to get fit and go back to school to get my Masters in Education and be a teacher. I'd have to work or I'd die but it would be at my dream job. Ahhhh to dream!!!

Great post Kat! I love to dream BIG! Good Luck to you!

Mags said...

I would for sure pay off the bills of all of my family memebers and close friends. I would quit my job, but not abruptly-give notice and all that. Then I would travel to Italy, France, Greece, Spain...and cook with the people there.

THEN I would come back, buy a house (paid in full) and open up a catering business with a store front and lots of fun toys. :)

I'd probably adopt a baby too

Robert said...

I don't even want to think about what I would do if I won the lottery because it only makes me more depress knowing that I haven't won the lottery!

SpAzzGiRL said...

If I won the lottery, I would instantly quit my job, buy a modest house, new car and just live comfortably...nothing lavish.
I'm simple like that.

Uncommon Blonde said...

I would keep it a secret. I would not want to be known as the "people who won the lottery" and I also think family and friends would expect a lot from you. Not that I'm not willing to share, it just makes it unpleasent if people are always asking. I don't know if I would keep my current job or not, but I would do something to stay productive. I'd also move to Italy or France for 6 months to learn another language through immersion.

Jeninacide said...

Hee! I would TOTALLY buy my boss a car and then tell her I was quitting to be a stay at home mom. She would totally understand.

We would probably invest most of the money after we bought a house in New Zealand and one in Costa Rica and set our parents up for retirement...

Jules said...

The first person I'd contact is Suze Orman, who would help me with the taxes and the investing and the paperwork. I'd keep it as quiet as possible but would share the actual winnings with my family and a few close friends-- all of whom I'd set up trusts for so that they would in turn be responsible for their own part of the money and once I handed it off I could leave that part of it behind.
Then I'd get a place in NYC, do some traveling, and invest the rest of the money.

I would give my bosses plenty of time to find a replacement. I love my job and I love working for them, so I probably wouldn't be in a big hurry to get out of there... until my NYC place was finished being furnished, that is! :)

(I've thought about this A LOT.)

House of Jules

Anonymous said...

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