Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Wishing all of you a healthy and happy new year. May 2008 be even better than the previous year!!!

We had an awesome night and soooo much fun. As planned we did the Raclette thingy and drank the Feuerzangenbowle as well as watched the movie. It was great fun. Not too many drinks were had though..I suppose we're just getting old. The evening was very mellow and relaxing and I liked the mood that was set by the old movie.

We even got to see very neat fireworks and I think nobody made any resolutions. I suppose if you don't make any you kinda keep the disappointment at the end of that year to a minimum.

Well I think I better make some resolutions. Not just for the sake of it but to see if I can actually change something. Have you made any new year's resolutions?


Danielle A. said...

I didn't make any resolutions per se, but I did set some goals for myself. They're posted over at the blog (along with a new layout!).

Sounds like you guys had a fun night!!!

Melissa said...

No resolutions this year. I've been reading about people who just kind of wish and hope for things and I think I will go that route.

Good luck with the resolutions and I'm glad you had a relaxing low key night last night.

Happy New Year!

Melisa said...

Happy New Year to you, too!

No resolutions for me...just to keep on doing what I do and trying to be a good person. :)

PrincessPolly said...

My only resolution is more of a necessity really and thats to actually GO to the gym at least once or twice a week - mainly because it's ridiculous I'm paying over thirty quid a month for something I haven't used for at least four months! Otherwise I'm just going to aim to be a bit healthier, but nothing drastic as I'd never stick to it! Have no willpower, you see!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat! Happy New Year! i missed you too...glad you had a great evening. You saw my resolutions. I hope to keep all of them. Can't wait to catch up and reead your blog.

Jules said...

Happy New Year, Kat! Your night sounds like a lot of fun; and that fire pliers punch is something I'm definitely going to have to try with friends! I made a resolution years ago to stop making resolutions, and that is the one that actually stuck. :)
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