Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am turbocharged

Huff, what a day today was.

The hubby stayed home sick and I had to go into work by myself. I got up and even though the night before I had plans to get up early to wash my hair I hit the snooze button so many times I barely had time for a quick shower and to brush my teeth.

Dressed in the dark and hurried out the door looking, well lets just say not exactly the height of fashion. So naturally I was already a bit grumpy getting into the office. I should have stayed at home and work from there. Oh how I longed for my lovely frosted glass-metallic rimmed desk with my lovely scented candles and my neatly stacked files and my comfy chair and my unobtrusive lighting.

However I was in the office alone. It was dark, the blinds still drawn, the heat on full and the windows closed. So I shuffle over to my desk, coffee in one hand (thank Gob those are free and always available) and reach to turn on the light above my desk. "ZING". I almost get electrocuted. Wait is there cute in electrocuted? Hmm weird.

Anyhoo on with the topic. So I shuffle over to the window to let some crisp morning air in. I touch the metal frame and "ZING ZING" I get electrocuted again. I am so staticy. Only this time it hurts three times as bad as before. I carefully head back to my chair, plant my ass down and unpack my laptop. "ZING ZING ZING". My heart is racing like a freight train. Jeeeez what a morning.

A colleague pings me to ask if we can go for a coffee but we have to juggle schedules and decide against it. During a quiet stretch we manage to meet and catch up before a ton of work floods in and I am stuck in a telephone conference for hours. Luckily I managed everything and even managed to turn most people into happy bunnies.

I just got in the door at home and the cats have turned their litter boxes into ticking stink bombs. The hubby offeres to clean and I head for my computer to proudly bring to you the story of the day that I was almost electrocuted. Darn you you stupid electrostatic charge.


Melisa said...

Must be your Electic personality! :)

Hope the hubby feels better!


Melisa said...

Oops, I meant Electric. :)

Lainey-Paney said...

sorry you're so static-y.

sorry you had to go into the office.

...and, I understand about choosing sleep over a long shower. That's often why my legs go unshaved when I have to go to work...

Melissa said...

Hey, at least you were cute while you were being zapped!! ;) Sounds like it's time for a humidifier.

Anonymous said...

That's freaking weird...but it's a good call in sick excuse. I can't come in today because I will get electrocuted ;) Hoep the hubby is better!

Uncommon Blonde said...

I can sympathize, I seem to have an affinity for holding static electricity in body as well. Luckily I live in Florida so the humidity makes it better

Myla said...

You poor thing! Getting electrocuted sucks! I think it must be in the air because my man and I tried to kiss and we were both shocked sooooo bad we were scared to try it again. I hope your hubby feels better.