Friday, January 25, 2008

Random thoughts

* Last night I had a very light sleep, tossing and turning all night long. Needless to say I am a bit cranky this morning.

* I baked two cakes after work last night. Baking stresses me out no end. I prefer to cook. Since I'm not really into baking I always check the recipe ten times and then some and am still insecure and unsure if everything I am doing is right.

* The cakes turned out ok.

* They were for my husband's team in work. He's having his last days in the team before moving on. Still in the same company but in a different city.

* I wonder what it'll be like to live without him during the week.

* Tiny cat seems to have a fever. She usually comes to watch me do my morning routine. Watching me shower and getting ready. She didn't this morning. Very suspicious. She did eat, drink and play however but she feels a tad hot. Will observe and let you know.

* Why does the cat always get sick before a weekend? I am always worried because then our vet isn't at hand and the animal hospital is quite a drive.

* Can't wait for the weekend. I have set my mind to finally finishing the book I've been reading for what seems like forever to me.

* A French trader was blamed for fraud and losing his employer, France's second largest bank, $7 bn. I mean $ 7bn....Unnoticed! Somebody pinch me. How can that go unnoticed? Phew.

* The weather is still very spring like over here. Where's my snow? If you happen to "accidently" hold it hostage please release it. I will be forever greatful.

* The hubby and a friend of ours kept whispering during our grocery shopping trip yesterday. They wouldn't let me in on what they were on about. I hate it if something is being kept from me. Even if it is a surprise.

* Coaxing, begging, teasing, bugging my hubby does not result in him divulging the secret.

* But I need to know. Curiosity is killing the Kat! *lol*


Okay, your turn to ‘fess up. Leave me a comment so I can come by your blog and check them out.


Danielle A. said...

Surprises are good... :)

I hope your kitty's OK.

How far away is your hubby going to be?

Not So Perfect said...

Oh no... I hope the cat is feeling better soon.

I am the same way about surprises. To be honest I hate them. I would rather just know and ruin all the fun.

Please let us know what it is when you find out.

Melisa said...

I totally don't like surprises either, especially when I know they're coming.

I hope your kitty feels better soon!

Kat said...

Danielle - Surprises are good indeed though they aren't really a surprise anymore when you hear somebody whispering about them ;)

Not so perfect - Same here. I think it is torture and always want to know. It is killing me if something is kept from me.

Melisa - I am so with you on this.We've just stopped at home for some lunch and to check on the kitty and she seemed better. She didn't feel as hot anymore and was running towards us as she usually does. A good sign. Will keep you posted though and thx for your concern.

Melissa said...

I'm not a big surprise girl either. Hope your kitty feels better.

And believe me I would be happy to release your snow and send it your way!! ;)

Don Mills Diva said...

I can't believe that $7 billion loss either - I mean a couple $100 million between friends - sure - but $7 billion! Insanity.

Steph said...

Secrets drive me nutso! Hope you find out soon.

I wish the weather was spring like here. It has been snowing off and on all week and it is FREEZING!

Flea said...

If you happen tot find any of that snow, send some to me, will ya? It's freezing here, but the snow just won't show up.

Hope little kitty is better soon. :)

Nicole said...

I like surprises but only if they're total surprises and since it seems that guys just suck at keeping secrets I would rather they just tell me. Hope your kitty is better and thanks for always commenting on my blog, you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is random: I've been visiting a lot of blogs recently and I've noticed almost all of them have a commenter named Steph but it's never the same Steph LMBO!! Sorry, I'm feeling a little silly. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Taj said...

I'm not much on surprises either.

Sorry to hear about your kitty! One of mine was horribly sick and the vet even suggested putting her to sleep! I'm happy to say we nixed that and she is back to normal.

7 billion and no one noticed?? Wow.

PrincessPolly said...

I can't stand people having secrets from me, whether they are nice secrets or not. It makes me feel left out and paranoid.

Lindz said...

I HATE wispering, I am so over it. Go somewhere else if you want to tell a secret, don't do it right in front of me, that's so 5th grade, I know something you don't know!!!

Check kitty's nose to see if it is dry. Chances are if it's playing and eating, it'll be ok.

Ken Albin said...

I sure hope that Tiny cat feels better soon. I think they plan these things for weekends just to make us crazy. Mine invariably get ill then.

Rob said...

lol @ Killing th Kat!

Lainey-Paney said...

yeah, hubby & I lost 7 billion dollars once. We just could NOT remember where we put it...we tried re-tracing our steps, everything.


Jules said...

I like surprises as much as I like losing track of $7 billion...!
House of Jules

Misguided Mommy said...

so i looked at the book on your side bar and didnt know it was a book and i was like oh no kats dog died. then i was like wait kat has cats not dogs and i realized it was a book. phew

cube said...

I stress out about baking & prefer cooking and I love cats. Does that make up for our wildly divergent
choices in reading material?