Monday, January 14, 2008

Waving at girls costs Australian man his arm

Wow that was a long absence. In all fairness I thought it'd be okay to skip a few days due to not feeling all too well and our first wedding anniversary. That's right. ONE down, fifty or so to go. In retrospective it seemed like a piece of cake. Realistically? It was a piece of cake. It remains to be seen if you will catch me uttering this ten years from now but I am always up for a challenge.

As my last post was about a severed (and microwaved) hand I dug out this story. Okay I did not actually dig it out. We heard it on the radio in the car on our way to work this morning.

A twenty year old guy, who was a passenger in a pick up truck waved out of the car's window at two girls. The driver then took a right and ..well how do I say that delicately? There is no way. So here is what happened. The man's limb was struck and almost torn off by an oncoming four-wheel-drive. "His left arm was partially severed and doctors believe the limb may need to be amputated," police said.

Hmm I always found a subtle flirt more enticing than a full on confrontation. No pun intended.

I hope Jules will not lose her lunch over this and I promise to stop with the severed limbs stories (at least for a while).


Don Mills Diva said...

I hope the poor bastard at least got a phone number out of it!

Happy anniversary!

Melissa said...

LOL DMD! Yikes, I'll bet next time he'll wink instead of wave.

Happy Anniversary!

Steph said...

Oh my, not such good luck for him. I love that you find these stories and share them.

Happy Anniversay!! :)

Danielle A. said...

Wow... that's absolutely ridiculous. What a dolt.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Melisa said...

Happy Anniversary!

I find myself wondering what happenned after that. Like, did the girls see it happen? If they did, did they stop? Did they call an ambulance? Did they laugh and drive away after he waved, not having seen the accident?

Did they have to microwave it?

Eeew. Sorry, that was uncalled for and I just grossed myself out.

Mags said...

Oh brother. That poor dude! Happy anniversary!

Corey~living and loving said...

Happy Aniversary. :)

OH and yeah.....that is flirting taken to the extreme!

Kat said...

Don Mills Diva - thank you. *lol* Don't think he got anything else than a hospital visit out of it.

Melissa - yeah the subtler the better - for him anyway.

Steph -thank you. I love to share these stories though the gory details are usually not my cuppa.

Danielle- thank you. Yep he was a dolt.

Melisa- I almost peed myself reading your comment. That totally cracked me up LMAO ROFL.

Mags- yeah that poor Dude and I am sure he meant well.

Corey - yep extreme's the word. I really do feel sorry for the guy. Youth is wasted on the young...make sure to keep your arms inside the car at all times.

Paper Propaganda said...

First of all - happy anniversary! Second of all ... loses his arm!? May I never stick my arm out of the window again... I KNEW there was a reason I kept telling my son not to do that!

Rob said...

Happy Anniversary! Yeah!

So, this guy makes Van Gogh look like a rank amateur eh? I can hear them talking up in heaven now ...
"I cut off my ear for the love of my life."
"Pfffft, a lousy ear? What a wimp! No wonder she did not love you!"

Pocklock said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jules said...

Happy Handiversary! I would applaud you guys but since it seems like doing anything these days entails getting a hand severed and then having to microwave it, I'll just give a little nod in your direction, ok? I mean, I really need both of my hands. I have big plans for them later this week.
House of Jules

Kat said...

Paper Propaganda - yep and now you see you had every reason to.

Rob - To say it with Irish wit "my husband cracked his hole laughing" about your comment. So did I...

Pocklock - Thank you

Jules - Happy Handiversary. I am cracking up. Well thanks for nodding in our direction. We appreciate that and we want you to be safe. Hand's down!