Monday, January 7, 2008

Whose Glass is half-empty? That'd be mine

Thank you everyone who commented on my previous post and cheered me up as a result of it. I think I have the post-holiday-blues and it stinks. It would be perfectly understandable to be in a black hole after two weeks of holidays or so. Not that it would make it more “okay”.

But I have been to work between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is just that we had guests over for the entire time and now I come home to a lonely house. Well as lonely as it gets with two loony cats that try to jump at you from behind the couch as you walk past.

I am sure that things will get back to normal pretty soon.

Since this post already started out on a rather downbeat note I might as well put a more or less philosophical question out there that’s been on my mind for a while now. Why is it that despite my upbeat and chirpy character I always consider the glass to be half-empty? Why am I always picturing the worst case scenario instead of embracing the whole thing and considering it a chance or a great opportunity? Beats me.

It seems I am always telling myself to assume the worst because then things can’t get worse (though knowing that life is a bitch this probably isn’t true) they can only get better and that is a good thing, right? My husband is so different in that regard. He is almost always positive. He thinks of everything as a challenge and can see a positive side in everything. Though I enjoy it and it helps me , it is sometimes equally annoying. Sometimes I depend on him for emotional support and am at loss when he actually experiences the effects of his optimism. Namely when things don’t turn out the way he wanted him too. It is incredibly hard for me to look at his sad face then and tell him that everything is going to be alright again.

So I hope to get rid of this “I gotta look at everything pessimistically so I won’t have to experience a disappointment” and embrace life. After all it is too short to worry too much.


Not So Perfect said...

I think realizing you are that way is half the battle. You have "insight" that many people don't have. That is one of the first steps to change, if you are ready and willing. But it almost sounds like to me that you and your husband are a perfect match and that you guys balance one another, very important for a Libra.;-)

Melissa said...

I think some people just look at things this way. I know I do. I will never be the optmistic kind of person. I'm like you and tend to do the half full thing. In fact, I even have a post about this on my blog. I've been considering writing a post about Deprivation January, I think you just pushed me in the right direction.

I hope your feeling a bit better soon!

Melisa said...

I totally agree with not so perfect. When I met my husband back in the olden days (LOL), he was VERY pessimistic about everything. As you probably have figured out from my blog, I am just the opposite. Over time (lots of time!), he has become so much more optimistic about things; in fact, on some occasions HE is the optimistic one! How the heck did that happen???

But balance is important, and I agree that it sounds like the two of you have got it!

Have a great day, Kat!

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Anonymous said...

I think you are NOT alone in feeling a little down. The holidays are a big build up and when they are over we are thinking, "OK, now what?"

It's human nature.

I'm more like your husband, the glass is half-full out look. I don't know why. I just always try to think that way. I've been told it's annoying too. My sister is more like you. I don't think there is an explanation to it, maybe it's a reaction to the events that happen in our own life. Like my sister and I, same upbringing, sam family but two totally different outlooks.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I am the total pessimist.
I figure if I am prepared for the worst, it never hurts that bad when it happens. Terrible, I know.
For '08, I am on a happy positive track, I'm gonna try and be upbeat...key word there, "try".

Rob said...

Why is it that despite my upbeat and chirpy character I always consider the glass to be half-empty?

Without knowing you better I would say it is because you have often been disappointed in the past so to you, that is the normal thing, therefore that is what your brain has been trained to anticipate even though you are a cheerful person.

I am the same way and that is why I think that is why I am that way, so I am projecting onto you! :)

frank said...

I'm like your husband.. not much gets me down and I can find perfume in stink weed.

Lindz said...

That's really funny because just this morning I was thinking to myself how strange I must be for always assuming or expecting the worst. It's a habit I can't seem to break.

Steph said...

You definitely aren't alone at all. I let everything weigh on my mind and I always assume the worst, not matter what it is. I try all the time to think different and be more positive, but it just doesn't seem to happen. My boyfriend is always telling me not to let things that are out of my control bother me, but it is definitely easier said than done.

So just know, you aren't alone!!

Uncommon Blonde said...

I can relate. I'm the eternal cheerleader for other people but when it comes to my own life I worry incessantly about things I can't control. My husband is so laid back and optimistic that sometimes I want to somehow make him worry with me.

Taj said...

I too am the expect the worse and you won't be disappointed kind. While I agree with what Rob said I also agree with not so perfect in that realizing it is half the battle.

Kat said...

Not so perfect- you are right. Acknowledging this may be the first step to change.

Melissa - Thanks I am feeling better already.

Melisa - You must radiate optimism. Please send some this way :)

Patty - I agree with you. It is in the human nature.

Spazzgirl - Glad to hear you're on a positive track. I will try that too.

Rob - You have no idea how right you are with that.

Frank - I admire you

Lindz - we should combine our "Superwoman" powers to break that stupid habit.

Steph - Glad to hear I am not alone.

Uncommon Blonde- wow you must have a split personality (in a good sense of course)

Taj - I think so. I will try to give things a more positive outlook.

PrincessPolly said...

I'm a glass half-empty girl. and i hate january with a passion. the only thing i'm looking forward to is my holiday in april - which has not even been booked yet!