Friday, February 29, 2008

Women can't drive or can they?

Aww sweet bliss. The weekend is near and I can hear it calling. The last couple of days were exhausting really. A lot going on in work and with my friend over for a visit and the apartment hunting for them and the hubby away and the car needing to be fixed, things got really hectic.

The hubby is going to London on business the same week I am going to Paris, which leaves me to ask our super awesome neighbor if he can tend to the cats while we’re away. Somewhere in between I need to squeeze in another hairdresser appointment. I need my bangs back and also more highlights. My super awesome boss promised me a long talk during and after the three day business meeting. Let’s hope and pray it’s all good things before he hands our team over to the new manager.

The weather’s been shite and everything that was supposed to come down as snow is now coming down as rain. It’s been pouring for the last 24 hours and I am getting a bit sick of it really. Especially since we need to bring one of our cars to the garage. Something isn’t quite right and the motor always dies on us when the engine is still cold. We gotta get that checked out and since the problem only occurs when the motor is cold, they need to keep the car for a couple of days….It is about time though because I am starting to really hate that lovely car and I really don’t want to because otherwise it is lovely. To love it though I need to be able to depend on it but I can’t at the moment.

The car has left me stranded in the middle of a really busy intersection more than once in the last week. It is especially annoying because I can see the expression on (mostly male) drivers faces who think. “Awww would you look at that? Of course it has to be a woman. Too stupid to drive. Blondy would you take your effing car off the road? Go ride a bicycle.” So please keep your fingers crossed that they will be able to find and fix whatever it is that keeps our lovely car from driving like the wind.


Melissa said...

Here's hoping its something easy to fix.

And if you could kindly send us our rain I will be happy to ship the 3 inches of snow we got last night off to you.

Danielle A. said...

Yes, here's hoping that whatever the issue is with the car that it's easy to fix.

And not to further agree with Melissa, but if you want to swap rain for snow I'll give you some of this disgusting snow we have here in New England USA. :P

Melisa said...

Fingers crossed!

And I "third" that about the snow. I'll take your rain anyday.

The good news for me is, the boys don't have school today so guess who FINALLY gets to shovel! Ha! Not me!

Mags said...

Can someone "fourth" that? If so, I'd like to do that. :)

(Only I secretly like snow)

I hate that you're having car trouble-and I hate even more that mostly male drivers give you looks. That really makes me angry-what-their cars never break down?!?!

It does sound like you need a hair appointment-not b/c you look bad but b/c it's relaxing and it'll give you a boost.

Anonymous said...

Is it horrible that I started cutting my own hair a couple of months ago? Every time my bangs get too long, I get out my comb and scissors and hope for the best. Lol.

Not So Perfect said...

I would love to say things like "oh I am off to Paris and the husband is off to London." It sounds so adventurous. I hope you guys travel safely.

And hope the probelm with the car isn't anything major, car fixins' can be expensive.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the car! Sorry you have had a crazy week that just means your weekend will be relaxing!

Corey~living and loving said...

I've got my fingers crossed that car is fixed easily.
have a good weekend.