Friday, February 15, 2008

Bureaucracy at its best

Currently there's a really funny ad campaign in Germany. It was started about two years ago and is Germany's biggest social marketing campaign to date. It certainly leaves a lot of room for people to mess with it.Its slogan "Du bist Deutschland" (you are Germany) has been used for the odd joke.
The campaign's goal is to raise awareness and make people commit to children's issues.

You are Germany

Here's what it says in the ad that I found in this week's German Vanity Fair:

You are fat, you are bald and you don't have a tooth in your mouth! Mommy thinks you take after Daddy. Daddy thinks you take after Mommy. You actually look more like Grandma. Flat out beautiful.
You little Supermodel. - You are Germany!

On another note, I came into work today. Nah delete that. I did not get into work today because I could not get into the building. Yeah.
Remember when I was all excited because they offered an extension on my contract? Remember how I happily said, "Yes I do want to work for you for another year"? Well yesterday would have been my last day but it wasn't because months back contracts were signed and all.
The fact that my holiday allowance was not what was agreed should have hinted that there was something amiss. And this morning it actually happened. My card didn't work on any of the card readers and I had no chance to get into the building. Security easily fixed the problem and I was hoping and praying that none of my accounts were deleted and all seems well.
What a shock. The hubby and I were already joking that I really don't work there anymore. Luckily I do because the work is great and I heart my team. Phew, that was close :)


Melisa said...

Ha--but I bet for a second you thought "Yay! No work today!"

Kat said...

Melisa Ha, you were spot on! LOL

Not So Perfect said...

That ad is hilarious.

I probably would have taken the lock out as an excuse to not go to work for the day.

SpAzzGiRL said...

that ad is hilarious!
Maybe the card not working was telling you to take a vacation? LOL

Melissa said...

Wow, I would have been freaking about the work situation.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my gosh.....that would have freaked me out. I am glad it all worked out.
have a great weekend.

Lindz said...

I just had to come by and tell you that I thought of you last night because my family and I went to this uber authentic German restaurant... I had chicken Kram or something and..... DILL PICKLE SOUP!!!! Dear lord tell me that is normal because it was flipping delicious.

Anonymous said...

Cute campaign!

OMG! I would have freaked out if I got deleted. Gladd all is ok.

I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT! I want something cool too!

Rob said...

Oh yeah! I know that feeling! Glad it was the wrong feeling!

Lainey-Paney said...

glad they didn't really boot you out.

...and I think the ad is sooooo funny!

Myla said...

I love the new design!