Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fnorty Fnor Carat Ring

Being a guy it isn't easy. Being a guy and shopping for "the" perfect ring to propose to your girlfriend is hard.

The guys from my favorite Irish radio show do the odd prankcall. While I am not always appreciative of those and sometimes even find them embarrassing, I loved this one. You gotta hear it for yourself, it is pretty funny and if I was the person working the phone in that store I would have hung up earlier, I can tell you that much :)

My favorite part is when he asks about the fnorty fnor carat silver ilver ring and can barely contain himself because he is laughing so hard. Really funny.


Melissa said...

LOL! I would have hung up earlier, too!!

Mags said...

Oh yes...this is going to make for some mighty hearty laughs tonight when I get home!! :)

Jules said...

The "diamond hiamond" part cracked me up!
House of Jules

Melisa said...

I love when he cracks himself up too!

And I love Cnarats.

Not So Perfect said...

OMG poor guy. So funny..thanks for a good laugh.

Paper Propaganda said...

omg, i almost peed my pants! that was too funny!!! i would have hung up too!