Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When good things happen to good people

Do good things happen in threes as well? You know like in the expression "Bad things happen in threes"?

I am so sorry to have disappointed everyone who thought I was going to announce I was pregnant. This is not going to happen for some time I am afraid. I am however totally psyched that my friend Kat and her boyfriend are staying with us.

As I blogged about yesterday, we went apartment hunting and OMG it was such a pain in the a**. Despite all the running around, meeting with several real estate agents and phone calls we managed to have a lot of fun. Kat and her boyfriend arrived Sunday morning. We picked them up from the airport and went straight over to the other terminal to get ourselves some Starbucks. Yep, we’re desperate like that. The hubby then drove us through mad traffic in Munich all the way to the Zugspitze. Germany’s highest mountain. In some 60°F weather we actually stood on a frozen lake. The ice was slowly melting but the lake was still covered with a 5 ft crust of ice while around us you could hear the birds sing. It was somewhat surreal. Pictures to follow.

Monday the hubby and I had taken the day off to spend some more time with our friends. We slept in and had a lovely brunch before heading to view the first apartment. Nice apartment, great location, lovely hardwood floors. Too bad it smelled like somebody had spilled heating oil by the bucket. It was nauseating really. Who would want to rent out that place without fixing the primary problem first? We were left to wonder but moved on quickly. About three viewings later we were exhausted and praying that tomorrow would herald better news.

Tomorrow being today and the great news have arrived. Our friends went to look at a place that is about 1.5 miles from our house. An apartment similar to ours with a fully fitted kitchen (very rare in Germany and we were very lucky with our landlady). The only thing is that they may only be able to move in on May 1st. Which isn’t really too bad either because then I get to live with my best friend. Awesome.

Some pictures to follow as soon as I have located my USB cable. We’re heading out to dinner tonight for a little celebration. Kat had a job interview on top of that today and seems to have been successful and she was invited for a second interview which is pretty much a pro forma thing.

Also I got a most wonderful surprise from my American “evil” twin sister Melisa over at Suburban Scrawl. The minute I got some spare time I will post it with pictures and all. Head over to hear blog if you want high class entertainment. She rocks!

All exhausted now from all the writing so I am out and hope to have the pictures up some time tonight.


Steph said...

It's exciting you guys will be in the same town again. So glad that things are working out! :)

Melisa said...

Hey Kat!
Put the Zugspitze on our 2010 list...

Melissa said...

Good news on the apartment. I'm happy to hear that you were able to find something so quick!!

Enjoy your dinner out!!

Anonymous said...


That's really exciting. When are they supposed to move? Earlier than May?

Mags said...

I can't wait to see pictures!

Jeninacide said...

Wow! You certainly have a lot going on! Apartment hunting is so EXCITING! Also I have been meaning to tell you that I LOVE the new look on your blog!

Jules said...

YAY! You're going to have so much fun with your friends so close by (and until May, REALLY close!)

Don't forget to head over to my place today and enter the first HOJ contest! There are Autographed! Prizes! (and the hump of the month, which is reason alone to get over there!) Tell all your friends...
House of Jules

Danielle A. said...

YAY for having a good time while your friend was in town and YAY for her and her beau finding an apartment and YAY for the fact that you'll be close by each other again.

Just a whole lot of YAYs for you!!! :)