Monday, March 3, 2008

We don't need no water let the m********er burn

What a drag today was. The weather was dreadful, the hubby is in London on business and I am having a really weird day. Not as weird as the hubby's day though.

I drove him to the airport last night and he was already very tired. There was a huge storm over Germany the past two days and an aircraft almost crashed upon landing. So I was a bit afraid with him flying etc. He did text me after he arrived safe and well. The hubby checked into the hotel and after he had gone to bed the firealarm went off. He said it was no fun running out of the room in your underwear along with a class of sixteen year olds also in their underwear because a towel was burning in someones room.

We were joking that under normal circumstances he should have wished for the Swedish female Beachvolleyball Team in their underwear but he was too tired for that joke :). Glad he still got a roof over his head all he wanted was a bed.

Hotels do creep me out a little though. A couple of years back we were on vacation in Tunesia in this lovely hotel but the door to our room would have to be slammed shut. One night I was waking up and saw a stranger standing in front of my bed. I screamed my heart out. My then-boyfriend woke up screaming like a little girl too before realising that it was a hotel employee in the hotel's uniform. He entered the room because he found our door left ajar. To my horror we had been sleeping with all our belongings in that room with the door open....Luckily it was all still there.

Have you had anything like that happening in a hotel?


Melissa said...

I try really hard not to think to much about what happens in a hotel. I lock the door at night and just hope everyone is doing what they are supposed to do.

We lived in a hotel for 5 weeks while we were waiting for the house to was an interesting 5 weeks if nothing else.

Glad your hubs had a roof over his head!!

Corey~living and loving said...

eeeekkkk....honestly...there is little about hotels that DON'T freak me out. ugh.

Anonymous said...

The roof is on fire! OMG! That is an old school song! I'm glad your hubby is OK.

Ahh Hotels...getting less scary for me know but it still creeps me out. I ALWAYS look under the bed, closets, bathroom etc to make sure no one is there!

I was in Tampa,Fl with my BFF and we had gone to the supermarket to get water, chips and some cupcakes because we knew we'd be out late and want some snacks. That night since we had been to the beach all day we got tired and got in fairly early (2AM) and just hung out in the room. In the AM the manager comes to our room saying they had a complaint about us having a loud party and smoking weed! HA! We have never touched the stuff I let him walk in and check the room...all he saw was out empty snack packages. when he left we laughed our asses off and the craziness of it all we can't stand cigarette smoke much less weed...then we laughed even harder because of all the empty snack bags he must have thought we had the munchies! LOL Still cracks me up til this day. Jay-z LA LA LA song was popular that year so that became out trip song! LOL!

Uncommon Blonde said...

I just went to a conference and one of the handouts in the notebook they gave us was "How to survive a hotel fire" Not so comforting when your room is on the 23rd floor!

Your story about the person in your room tops them all though - I would have screamed like that too!

Danielle A. said...

I can't say as I've had anything like that happen before, and I'm kind of glad for that because I'd be the dope who would forget her hotel key in the room when evacuating.

Not So Perfect said...

Nothing like that has ever happened to me. Thank God, I would of freaked out. However, when I lived in the dorms in college things like that happened all the time. People would think it was funny to call in bomb threats and pull fire alarms at 2 am. We would have to wait out in the freezing cold while they secured the building. This was pre 9/11. There never was a real fire just drunk freshmen. And my roomate was a party animal. I once awoken to a very high guy playing with my toes while I slept. Needless to say I moved to a much calmer all girls floor a month later. A little too disturbing for me.

Jeninacide said...

Oh my GOB!!! NOOO!

Rob said...

That near crash mad the news here. That was some unreal wind! I think if I had been on that plane the airline would have owned me some new underwear!

He said it was no fun running out of the room in your underwear along with a class of sixteen year olds also in their underwear

I am having a hard time believing it was no fun! :)

KathyLikesPink said...

Oh my gosh I am still giggling think of your guy screaming like a little girl. I'm sorry, that distracted me...what were we talking about???