Friday, March 21, 2008

You can keep your stupid snow

Remember how I was asking for snow all winter long? How I wanted to trade in precious rays of sun, soaking rain or warm days for a few inches of the white stuff? And do you also remember how I became frustrated and later on gave up on that and said you can keep your snow because I am happily embracing spring now? Yep, eff you spring.

We're up at my parents now and it is snowing. In fact it has been snowing all night. Our car is no longer recognizable as ours as it is burried under several inches of snow.

Nice one Mr. Weatherman!

We now have four days of doing sweet nothing ahead of us. Happy Easter to all of you!


Melissa said...

I'm so feeling you here! My daughter and the neighborhood kids will be hunting for Easter eggs tomorrow in 8 inches of snow! Oh yeah, lots of fun!!

Enough with the snow already!

Melisa said...

No kidding! We've had enough too!!!

Jules said...

I feel your pain. :)
House of Jules

Liane said...

Yup, my love of snow ended (somewhat) when I was snowed into Pittsburgh. In March.

Kat said...

Melissa Easter egg hunting in 8 inches of snow. The poor Darlings. I just want this weather to end.

Melisa Yep I hear you. You've had a long and hard winter and deserve spring flowers and long breezy walks with Roxy.

Jules Thanks. sniff

Liane Thanks for stopping by my blog. This whole snow thing is starting to become really pathetic now.

Rob said...

YES! I have been just little sick of your moaning about the lack of your precious snow while various parts of my body have been slowing freezing and falling off, I have had to put tampons in my nose, wiping frozen tears from my cheeks at Sherpa funerals and digging out of drifts and there is Kat whining about no snow.

I hope you get a least a meter! You deserve it
:) ;) :0

Don Mills Diva said...

Yup - you gotta be careful what you wish for...:-)