Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ET calling home?

Imagine you receive several calls a day from one and the same phone number about 500 miles from your home.

You pick up the phone but on the other end~ silence.

The calls just continue.

You start thinking what idiotic stalker calls from a number that actually shows up in your caller ID?

Who calls you and doesn't say anything? Ever? What does he/she want? When you return the calls to find out the calls are left unanswered.

Is anybody screwing with your mind? Are you imagining things? Will it ever stop? The only time the phone is quiet is at night. Two years later you can't take it anymore and you file charges.

The police investigate and find out that every time a customer at a hair-dresser's 500 miles away pays with his credit or debit card, your phone starts ringing. That's what I call a faulty line.

Found on Stern (in German only)


House of Jules said...

Holy crap, that is INSANE! You find the best news stories!
House of Jules

Kat said...

Jules - Isn't it? Imagine that going on for two years! I would have changed my phone number after two months :)

J said...

That is very disturbing. I wouldn't wait for 2 years before I file charges!