Friday, April 11, 2008

Munich Monaco - Tomato Tomahto

See every once in a while you hear these funny stories where people end up in funny destinations because of a mix up. A woman who ended up in the small German town of Bayreuth (BYU) instead of Beirut (BEY) in Lebanon, just because the travel agent mixed up the airport's three letter code.

Or the 27 year old guy that wanted to go to Sydney, Australia but ended up in Sidney, Montana USA because of a typo.

Or the two women that wanted to meet their niece in the small principality Monaco on the French Riviera but ended up in Munich, Germany simply because Munich is called Monaco di Baviera in Italian. Somebody give these women a map, a phone and a brain *lol*.


Paper Propaganda said...

no! i would not be impressed flying all that way to be in the wrong place!

Mags said...

Yup...those are pretty bad!!! Can you imagine their confusion when they got there though? LOL