Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Mood - I am currently fed up

Now I can feel a rant coming on. Gotta surpress...gotta surpress the urge to lash out....I'm really having a hard time to keep it all in and not going up the walls.

Sometimes things go just smoothly and then there are times when everything goes down the crapper. I want to scream profanities but somehow that's not the way to go.

The hubby came down with the flu. Long hours, stress, flying petri dishes, jet lag etc. have taken their toll.

My throat started scratching yesterday. Though I may avoid the flu due to some preventive measures. I still don't feel a 598% okay.

Little car is starting to act up again making me a teeny tiny tad mad at my bff who drove it but failed to mention it.

Gotta remember that if you do something generous you can't expect anything in return because if you do, you will be heavily disappointed. Which reminds me of the FRIENDS episode where Phoebe tries to do something completely unselfish but realizes that it is impossible because even then you get some sort of satisfaction out of it or you at least expect it.

The last weeks have shown that the times of apartment sharing are over. Gosh I am getting old.

The weather here's been a drama. Spring, no spring, spring, no spring. Heavy rain, more heavy rain. Sun. Tons of bugs. I mean where are all the effing birds that so happily feasted themselves in our birdhouse when you need them????? WHERE? I ask you. The windows are blackened out by bugs I don't even dare to open them for fear of the freaking bug invasion.

Phew, I still don't feel much better but at least it is out.


Melisa said...

Aww Kat, put on your tiara and you'll feel about 491% better!

Try to have a lovely day (well, at this point, afternoon) and don't let that scratchy throat kick you in the ass.

You need a nice dinner out with the hubby.

Kat said...

Melisa - your words are chicken soup for the soul. The hubby is out for the count plus he's already away on business again until thursday. I will however don the tiara and kick back and relax. Neat idea :)

Melisa said...

Tiara on: check.
Kicking back: check.
Relaxing: check.

Got any trashy tv you can watch?

Kat said...

Melisa - check :) unfortunately every night is trashy tv night in Germany LOL but I might kick back with a funny movie to lighten my mood. Thanks for the tip.

Melissa said...

I hope your back to feeling 600% better soon!! Some days are just total do overs...looks like you got one today!!

I hope tomorrow is better!

Anonymous said...

All I can offer is long distance hugs. They don't really amount to much, but if you were here in person (or I were there in person), I'd give you one of those long lasting hugs that perhaps involves spinning around.

Kat said...

Melissa Thank you, really. I am sorry to be so whiney but you're right, I am just having one of those days.

Cassafrass Thank you so much. I could use one of those hugs right now. It means a lot to me.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh I do hope your mood swings back to cheerfuless soon. It is so hard to be in a funk like that.

me & them said...

*hugs and either a strong drink or lots of pictures of tiny fluffy kittens to make you smile*

I hope it's gotten better, or at least tomorrow you can wake up feeling better in the knowledge you've gotta thru it today.