Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're on a Road to Nowhere

When your satellite navigation system tells you to go straight on. There is a river in front of you. Do you a) drive into the river, or b) do you stop and look for another route?

The answer of course is a). You drive into the river.

A cab driver in Norfolk, whose company is called Streamline Taxis (now isn't that ironic?) , drove into a river after he took a wrong turn then blamed it on the navigation system. Read more about it HERE.

I mean seriously, it is ok to rely on a navigation system but shouldn't you still look where you are going? The cab driver's excuse makes him look just as stupid as the guy who drove along in his RV that he had put on cruise control, he then went into the back to make himself some coffee. When he woke up again after the RV had left the road and crashed in a tree he said he had no idea that cruise control just meant that you go along at the same speed but that it does not relief you from steering the vehicle. I mean HELLO?


Danielle A. said...

My favorite is when our GPS tells us to drive in the middle of a field, but IRL it's a road - the system just doesn't recognize it because it's too new (we have built-in Toyota GPS, the only way to update it is to buy a CD).

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my word.....get real. that is so funny. what a dork.

thanks for the really nice comment you left on my blog today. :)

Not So Perfect said...

So like the RV story is true? Someone did that for reals, and I thought I was a bad driver, that is just hilarious.

I've missed you.

Jeninacide said...

OMG people are idiots! Robots are not necessarily to be trusted!! Has anyone else watched IROBOT!? Ok I haven't actually watched it, but I rented it! And I fell asleep during it! But Erick has watched it..

Wow this was a lame comment. Sorry!

Melissa said...

LOL! I guess he was REALLY following directions, huh?

Maybe he thought a magically road would appear in the water...either that or that he was the second coming and could drive on water....


Kat said...

Danielle - That must be really funny. The card material is so wickedly expensive, isn't it?

Corey I know and as a cab driver! I mean come on, it isn't as if he has never driven before.

Not so perfect It is said to be true :) and you were absolutely missed.

Jeninacide LOL, I have seen IRobot too. You mean the GPS was trying to kill him to take over the world with all the other GPS? ROFL

Melissa OMG it must have been either of these two things ;-)

cube said...

What a silly man. I trust my eyes first.