Saturday, May 31, 2008

Banging is fun or Can we play with our friend's balls today?

How did rainbow get away with this?


Melisa said...

Uh uh.

This can't be a real show, can it???? OMG. This had to be a skit of some sort. Tell me it's not real!

Taj said...

"I've got a tiny twanger, but it works well and I like to play with it." LOL

Oh, it's very real Melisa! My husband watched this in the early 80's back in England.

Great clip Kat!! My other favorite? "I was banging away with Rod & Roger." lol

Rainbow would so get banned

Melisa said...

Taj: Would you say that your husband learned anything from this show? ROFL!

Taj said...

Melisa: I don't think I can say the things Rainbow taught him on Kat's blog. ;)