Thursday, May 22, 2008

Germany is a toilet - That is not prejudiced that is just observation

Well I just came across this vid of Dylan Moran. He's a great Irish stand-up comedian and this clip is about his view of Germany. I almost peed myself. He has also got equally hilarious clips on Americans and the French. You have got to check this out.

Anyway the other day I was hesitant to post a link to this not very pc website Cats that look like Hitler because I was afraid that people would judge me because I am German and I shouldn't post stuff like that. While I am very conscious about Germany's past I thought I should post it. People have their minds made up already anyway and are either going to think this is wrong or not. Turns out most people found the website hilarious. And rightly so.

What I meant to say was that about 1:10 min into the video, this is what Germans sometimes feel happening when talking to foreigners. That is why we're super careful not to exhude anything that may bring us in context with that very part of Germany's history.


Melissa said...

LOL! Hitler, Hitler, Hitler......;)

Taj said...

I LOVE Dylan Moran! I first saw him in Shaun Of The Dead and have been a fan since.

I've seen the American one...equally funny. Have you seen his take on rap? I start laughing at the strummin' me belly button and continue on from

Love this clip Kat! And I love that someone else appreciates the greatness of Moran.

me & them said...

It's one of those times I laugh, then cover it up, because I know I probably shouldn't...

needless to say, Kitler made my day :)

Melisa said...

I have never seen him before, and we are a stand-up comedian-loving family in this house. I'm looking forward to checking more of his stuff out.

I know that point in his act is hilarious but true, and I have a story (of course I do!) that is related a little bit. When I first started being friends with that German girl in 5th grade? Some of my ignorant friends didn't see how that could happen, seeing as though I'm Jewish and she was German. Whaaa??

History happens. Hopefully we learn from it and can let go of the past just like in our own little, normal lives.

That's just me, bringing peace to the world...LOL

Kat said...

Melissa - ROFL see I knew you'd get it.

Taj - Dylan Moran rulez! I love stand-up comedians especially the Irish ones. Have you heard of Tommy Tiernan? He's a big laugh too. Go check out some of his stuff.

Me&Them - glad th Kitler's made your day. I do the same. I am a secret enjoyer of all things silly :)

Melisa - If you were the ruler of the world I am sure it would be peaceful. I am judging that from the way you raise your boys. We share the same thoughts on history. What has happened is in the past and you gotta work on it then move on and try to may things better.

Melisa said...

Kat: I wouldn't say you are a "Secret enjoyer of all things silly"...I think we all know that secret is out in the open! LOL

And we love that you love silly things, because you show us all kinds of stuff that we would never find on our own, so thanks!

Not So Perfect said...

Hilarious. I am going to go check him out, I would love to see his take on Americans. Thanks for introducing us. :-)

cube said...

Very funny.



My boys are Army Brats said...

Again, still driving, still appreciating your sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

I'm English so I appreciate what he said about the English. It is so true that English people feel they have the right to say anything about anyone!!

And the Irish kinda stayed out the way during the war!!

However, I've been to Germany and absolutely loved it. Maybe not as exciting/hot as Cali or Aus which is what he's comparing it to, but the people are generally good.

People who can't get past Hitler are morons. Him included.

Ok, ok, so he's joking, but from living in England for so long, Hitler jokes grow old so easily that they're just not funny and just show ignorance.

Not impressed sorry. You should watch English comics - they're the funniest.

Kat said...

Anon - I might just check out the English comics. While it is great that you think that Hitler jokes have grown old and that they show ignorance, Germans may look at it differently. There's always gonna be stupid people.

Germans carry around this huge guilt and seeing young Harry partying in a Nazi uniform didn't help putting things between our nation at ease.

Can you recommend some great English comics???