Thursday, May 8, 2008

If at first you do not succeed, then skydiving is not for you

In our household we have strictly divided the chores between HIS and HERS. I may have blogged about this before. While the laundry, the dishes, the cooking and the cats are mostly my responsibility, we share the apartment cleaning (I really ♥ the hubby for it). The hubby does the shopping, takes the trash out or gets to fix stuff (minus the grunting). Taking the car to the garage is part of his responsibility because quite frankly, as a woman I feel I am not taken seriously. I look like easy prey and thus can be taken advantage off.

The hubby had made an appointment to have our summer tires put back on and we desperately needed two new tires in the back. The appointment was for 8am. With the hubby out of town, I get to take the car in. Because I got to get to work immediately after (I am usually in around 8am) I leave early and arrive a quarter to eight. I hand 'Little Car' over to one of the mechanics. There are no customers to be seen anywhere. The guy looks at me and says ‘we will get right to it and have it ready by 9am’. I look a bit puzzled because heck, I can change four tires WITHOUT the hydraulic jack OR the hydraulic torque wrench in the same amount of time. Being the pussy that I am (quite literally)I just nod and make my way to a place down the street to get coffee.

When I get back the car is ready and they managed not to put the old tires on top of my laptop. Yay, they have half a brain. It costs me another 15 minutes to tell them that no, I do not want them to store our winter tires for us for $60 and I also don’t want insurance for the tires, I just want to pay and get out of there. Rush hour makes me 1 ½ hours late.

Gosh I am glad I am not a man. Even if that meant I got to pee standing up! The things they deal with? Pure evil. LOL


Melissa said...

Oh yea, now I'm so looking forward to getting my oil changed tomorrow! ;)

Mags said...

You could pee standing up.

Not cleanly...but you COULD if it's that important to ya. ;)

Huckdoll said...

I tried peeing standing up for so long when I was little - I wanted to be like my brother so bad and thought it was horribly unfair that I had to sit and risk flushing my hair down the toilet - fact :D