Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Today is one of the days I decided to work from home and so far everything is cool. Birddogcat is chasing a Q-Tip down the hall and driving Lilly and me mad. Where exactly she's got that energy from is beyond me. I wouldn't mind if some of it rubbed off on me. Hump Days are horrible. Still 2 2/12 days to go.

Two weeks ago I had my hair colored. I am now brunette. No there won't be any pictures. I am lazy and I need a touch up.

A girl in work I have never spoken to before congratulated me on my new hair colour and my outfit last Friday. That felt weird and nice at the same time as my Mom's initial reaction when I told her about my hair adventures over the phone was: 'Are you crazy?'. She never approved of any change on my head.

The weather is totally beautiful today. Something I try to avoid when working from home. Too hot, too much distraction but it feels so good after five days of rain.

Yesterday's post is still on my mind. Need to write a shopping list for the hubby for his run for groceries. Shall I include chicken? Do I send him for organic food? Decisions, decisions. I think in the end it all boils down to money.

Economic recession and inflation are hitting hard. I think we're in for some nasty years. The thought is equally frightening as it is annoying.

Paris H. is rumoured to be pregnant. There can't be a God. Where is that child supposed to grow up? Certainly not with that huge pack of tiny dogs she call's her own.


Mags said...

Ha ha ha!! That huge pack of tiny crack me up. But yeah-that IS scary!!

I'm pouting about the no photos thing. But I guess b/c I'm not sharing about the nipples, you don't have to share your hair. :)

Melisa said...

Wow, you're all over the place today! At least you have beautiful weather: that's a good thing!

I want photos too! (and Mags, I think nipples and a hairdo are totally different! LOL)