Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why you ought to take your scuba gear when you go for a walk

I am sorry. I really am sorry that I laughed so hard. At what you ask? Well at the article my husband just showed me.

A 63-year-old pensioner drowned in a puddle (link to the German article). What is certainly a very tragic accident and incredibly sad for everyone that knew him, is certainly so odd that it almost deserves a Darwin Award.

I mean imagine you go for a walk, trip and land face-down in a puddle where the last breath you take is some muddy rain water. Tragic yet really, really funny.


Mrs. J said...

My uncle had a stroke when he was walking alone and somehow, he tripped into a canal. There are open canals everywhere in the Philippines and the water is usually black dirty. I was told he was soaking wet with the dirty water and I laughed when I heard about it though I didn't see him. I got worried about him too but ya know, it's still funny how he ended up there. He was ok btw.

Melisa said...

Poor guy! Bizarre story with lots of "big words"! :) LOL

My brain is still on fire from work so I didn't have the patience to translate it as thoroughly as I usually do. :)

I always love when you link up to the original German articles when you can; I always click them.


House of Jules said...

I still can't get over the balloon priest. He's currently #1 on the Darwin site.
House of Jules

Melissa said...

Wow, and it never occurred to him to turn his head or anything? What a way to go!