Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Blog List bold? I don't think so!

Sometimes I hate blogger. No sooner than I'm done meticulously changing and fixing my blog design, blogger comes along and decides to change the font in the My Blog List widget to bold. Now it doesn't match anything in the rest of both sidebars nor the rest of the blog anymore. And you can't change it either. Which means I am left with two options, neither of which seem appealing.

I can take down the widget and make my own blog roll as it was before. Only I will lose the feature to be able to show the most recently updated ones on top or I can leave it the way it is. Which will be a sore spot and look ridiculous.

Why oh why did you have to do that BLOGGER? Anybody else annoyed by this? I just hope it is a bug and not "by design".

P.S. I posted in the Blogger Help Group already, for both my blogs and a few other people already posted too. So if you'd like to raise your voice, please do :)


House of Jules said...

I'm sure you already did a check of your code, but I did as well and looks like it's locked into the style (which you've already determined, I'm just sayin' that I agree it sucks when they don't give you an option to change it!)

Hope someone on Blogger Help is able to... uh... help. :)
House of Jules

Anonymous said...

You are a serious hard core blogger. I didn't noticed anything changed! LOL!

Your blog looks great the way it is! DOn't fret.

Thanks for the sweet words.

Melissa said...

Yikes, they just do these things to see if your on your toes...hope they can get it figured out for you!

Brian o vretanos said...

I can't offer any advice. I like the simplicity of the Blogger stuff - it doesn't always give you exactly what you want, but it's not complex and you can usually get close, especially if you don't mind hacking html occasionally. It's a lot better than word processors and the like.

I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction - it all looks fine to me - I suspect you're probably the only person who noticed it.

My boys are Army Brats said...

I kinda like my blog being listed in Bold! Makes me feel important. Well me and the other million you read but still!

I still have a predesigned blah blog. Maybe I'll do something cool with it someday, maybe.

Kat said...

Jules It looks as though it was permanently changed and nobody in the blogger help group knows what's going on. Sniff :(

Patty Hehe, I wouldn't have minded if all automatically installed sidebar gadgets were bold but now it just looks inconsistent.

Melissa Yeah. The hope fades last. Keep your fingers crossed.

Brian Exactly the reason why I am on blogger and not wordpress etc. but this stuff just sucks.

My boys are army prats - Hehe had you told me earlier I'd have put up yours in bold;) It surely deserves is.

Joe said...

Hey Kat,
I seem to have fixed it on my blog (

Add this css anywhere in the style section of the template html:

.my-blog-title{font-weight:normal;line-height:16px;margin:2px 0 0 0}

Then, expand the widget template code, and replace class="blog-title" with class="my-blog-title".

That should do it!


Anonymous said...

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