Friday, September 5, 2008

Adventure Honeymoon - Part III

Awww you guys I have to hand it to you, you sure do not make it easy for me to leave my blog alone. Thank you so much for all your comments and your concern for our safety.

I am happy to report that we´re indeed alive and well and finally getting to a point where we´re relaxing. We woke up this morning to torrential downpour and flooded roads. There was no way of getting into town on our little motor scooter to get breakfast but the hubby´s uncle was so kind to take us in to get breakfast. This kind of weather was what we were prepared for. It being monsoon season and all. Surprisingly we had great weather to date.

The beach is lovely and we spent several hours in the ocean or the pool because the temperatures would just be unbearable for us Europeans.

Yesterday we drove to Phuket town where they have American style malls and we went to several of the many markets nearby. I think we need to buy an extra suitcase because we´ll be bringing home extra luggage.

As I am typing now the sky is clearing up and it looks as though the sun is about to come out. You wouldn´t believe how fast the weather´s changing here. It reminds me of Ireland only 30°F warmer.

I will now make a mad dash through all your blogs to catch up before heading to the pool.


Melisa said...

Miss you girl! :)

Brian o vretanos said...

If you wanted heavy rain, you could have come here, though it's not as heavy (still unpleasant), and there isn't the beach, pool, mall, warm temperatures, stunning views...

Melissa said...

I'm glad y'all are having fun...and it sounds like a bit of an adventure. Make sure to take lots of pictures, I can't wait to see them.

And thank you for your beautiful comment. I really appreciate it!

Steph said...

Yay for spending time at the beach and pool! So glad that you are having fun and able to relax. Enjoy!!!

k a t i e said...

I'm definately looking forward to the photos :)

And need I keep reminding you..Australia's so close! Come on down!