Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adventure Honeymoon - Part IV

Ooops, did I really abandon this blog for a week? We must be really enjoying our holiday then. And we sincerely do. We are still marvelling daily at all the things we encounter during our daily trips around the island with our little scooter.

A vendor stand by the road selling something that looks like bottled strawberry sirup but really is gasoline for the scooters that most people drive around here.

Little stands where you can buy deep fried grasshoppers or bugs or if that isn`t to your liking then you´ll definitely feel like fresh fruit. Passion fruit, papaya, coconut, pineapple, tiny bananas. All fruit so ripe they are dripping with yummy juice and they`re so delicious.

The weather`s been mixed but it is hot and humid and after the slightest activity you feel like spending the rest of the day in the pool just to cool off. The Thais look at us in disbelief when we don our bathing suits and trunks and head towards the water. 90°F and 90% humidity and they say it is too cold to be going into the pool. We even saw people wearing sweaters and coats. All we know is that we`re surely going to be cold when we return to Germany in about one week. Le Sigh.

Anyway we`re having a great time and hope you are too. I am getting really anxious to catch up with all your posts in my reader. Have a wonderful weekend.


Brian o vretanos said...

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Melissa said...

We're off to Cancun tomorrow and I fear we'll also be having some issues with how cool it's going to be when we get home.

I'm so glad to hear your having a good time. And I can't believe that when it's 90 degrees outside people are were sweaters and jackets...ouch!

Melisa said...

...and Kat surfaces again! LOL

I'm glad you're having a great time! It sounds heavenly. Except the deep-fried grasshoppers. :)

Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

You are on a trip of a lifetime...ENJOY IT. You are so sweet to leave a comment on my blog while you are on vacation. It meant a lot too me. Keep having fun!!!

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