Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random bits and pieces

No sooner than I have updated my internal company data I need to change it again because guess what? I'm moving office. Again. Bye bye awesome window seat. Hello my new "back-facing-the-entrance-seat". Awesome. NOT!

So proud of the hubby. He managed to be the first in Germany to become certified in the thingamabob whatchamacallit technology. What kills him though is that he's now certified to deliver workshops which he's gonna start doing on a grand scale soon - and he's thrilled. I'd be sh***ing my pants.

Last night he cracked me up by first befriending our new next door neighbors. They wanted to watch a soccer game on television.

Then half way into the first 45min of the game the hubby returns. So we watch the match together, when in the middle of the second half I say: "Isn't it a home game for the team that is mentioned first?" As in Bayern Munich vs Florence. Doesn't that mean Munich is playing home then?

He digs in his brain- He's a huge soccer fan. He knows. I can see his mind working and then his face drops. Munich is playing at home. A mere 15 minutes from our house too. He has a ticket which is now going to waste because he erreneously thought they were playing away.

I couldn't help it but all I could do was laugh. The look on his face was heartbreaking. He looked at me and said "Not a word to anyone" I looked back and still laughing I said " You know that I'll be blogging about this, don't you" which totally made him smile. He knows he can't get away without much these days...


Paper Propaganda said...

i'd be laughing too! i've never been to a soccer game in person (since i was 5 and i played with other 5 year olds0 ... but one day! i imagine it would be a lot better than on the tv!

sorry about the terrible new view you will be getting! no good!

good for the hubby and his job - i don't like speaking in public... well, not to a group that is supposed to be looking at me anyway!

Melisa said...

Congrats to H on his certification! That's great news!!! :)