Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Relation to the Previous Post

Awwww you guys are too cute really.

The hubby has been wanting to post on my blog for a while now but I never let him. I didn't want him to rant about soccer or some geek related topic but alas he managed to surprise me.

Do I have trust issues? Seems like it but only when it comes to my blog :)

The hubby volunteered to fill in for me last night. We came home from work and met with our landlady (who btw. loved the way our appartment looks now) then cooked some dinner and crashed on the couch. I was feeling a little under the weather.

Just how much I was under the weather became apparent when I supposedly sat bold upright and yelled at the cat that played noisily with cat toy, then lay back down and continued to sleep as if nothing had happened. I have no memories of that.

So the hubby jumped in and blogged for me. He thought as it is NaBloPoMo he can not let me down. He has never let me down and even though we're only a few weeks shy of being married a full two years, I can say that this is the first relationship that has truly made me happy.

Many times I just sit here and ask myself how I deserve someone so loving and caring. Someone that lets me be me (trust me, this is not always pleasant. That gives me a foot rub when I need it without having to ask. Someone that brings me flowers whenever he does our grocery shopping. Someone that shares my love for cats, books and computers.

There are plenty of lovely things I could say about my lovely husband here but I won't divulge any more, simply because I fear I will wake up one morning to find him dragged into a cave by another woman some things should remain a sweet secret kept between two lovers.


Melissa said...

Aww, cripes..you guys are just to cute. I remember when Joe and I were like you and the hubs...about 12 years ago! :)

I'm glad you guys are happy!

Paper Propaganda said...

I agree, very sweet! Keith brings me flowers too when he grocery shops, not every time, but sometimes, i find that wonderful. He does it to me when i'm crabby for no reason, which is a lot too... eek.

I'm glad he blogged for you, i thought it was fantastic!

Melisa said...

Your sweetness is making my teeth hurt, but I love it! :) You two are adorable. :)

Mags said...

Yup...too cute.

As for the hair-before I read HIS answer I thought that you should try red. I think you can pull it off.

Anonymous said...

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