Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Thoughts

It still seems surreal that the whole election drama is now over. A few thoughts linger on in my head.

How do Obama's daughters feel about this? If I was a kid again I would want my Dad to spend time with me. I wouldn't care for standing in the limelight, spending every waking and sleeping hour with someone from the Secret Service or seeing my Dad more on television than in person.

I feel sorry for his young daughters whose every step will now be scrutinized. They will most likely not have a normal childhood.

I wonder how long it will take Obama to have to disappoint his supporters for the first time. Change yes - but what's the price for that?

Who will now take Sarah Palin's place and when will we get to make fun of the lipstick wearing pitbull again? I got the feeling we will see her again in 2012 ;o).

Other random thoughts:

If you make a shitty commercial for a shitty product, how can you go on complaining that you don't sell enough?

Why do celebrities get engaged after two months of "relationship" then break up after another three months explaining "they couldn't master the daily routine together"? Daily routine after five months? WTF?

Quantum of Solace - could there have been a more stupid name for the new Bond movie?

Will we get to see Daniel Craig naked?

Why do I want to crawl into bed after coming home from work just because it is dark?

Why does Maunzerl only want to be patted on her "lower back". I feel weird rubbing her a$$.


Paper Propaganda said...

Good lord lady, that's a lot!

One - I don't envy his daughters, it would be a strange situation.

Two - I will miss Tina as Sarah Palin... i enjoyed having someone that odd to make fun of.

Three - Celebrity relationships... oh my... where to start?

Four - Never thought about the name of the bond movie, but Daniel Craig is my fave, and I think he has beautiful eyes... and I would do just about anything to see him naked... sigh...

and um, i think that's about it. I might have had more to say but all I can think about is a naked Daniel Craig...

k a t i e said...

Please tell me you were referring to Ryan Rynolds and his horsey friend Scarlett. One day he shall return to me, I know it...

Still, at least they'll be seeing their father via TV etc as opposed to not at all. It must be very hard, but they must be very proud of him. He seems like the kind of guy that places a high importance on his family, too.

Melisa said...

I agree with Katie. Obviously he's going to be a very, very busy guy: but I also think he will work hard to see his girls. I think that the girls--even at their age--are well aware that their parents feel huge social responsibility, and I bet they are being brought up with that same ideal. That said, ugh. I hope they can at least enjoy living in the White House...I bet you could really have some fun there as a little kid, especially with the new puppy they'll be getting! (I hope the dog is a rascal like Roxie!)

Anonymous said...

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