Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a Shit Day

All week the hubby and I have been looking forward to the weekend. The past week was stressing the both of us out so the weekend was appreciated to finally unwind. Only it didn't happen like that.

We woke up to bright sunshine and all should have been well. Truth was, everything felt wrong. We were both in a foul mood. As if we had put too much pressure on us to enjoy this weekend as much as possible. I suppose it is all about setting expectations right.

As we both didn't feel like cooking dinner and we had to do our grocery shopping we thought we would stop by our favorite Chinese restaurant. Big mistake.

What you should know about most restaurants in Germany (unless your dining in an expensive restaurant) is that you can just walk in and sit down on any table that is free. A waiter then will come and bring you the menu and take your drink orders. I don't like it and as a patron I feel unsecure when walking into a restaurant and I have to pick my own table. Unlike in American restaurants where you are seated with a menu straight away. You know you'll be taken care of and not forgotten.

Anyway so tonight we march in and the restaurant was pretty crowded. The few tables that were still empty had reservation signs so we asked one busy waiter if there was a table for two and there was. Next to the exit. Not the most comfortable table but heck we were hungry and all we wanted was food. We weren't there for a lovely anniversary dinner or a celebration. Our visit's sole purpose was food to fill our stomach.

The constant coming and goind of people and the cold draught coming through the swinging door made sitting down in peace impossible and the waiter hadn't even shown up with a menu so we left after a good 10-15minutes. I was pissed.

We got a pizza from our favorite Italian restaurant and had a lovely dinner at home. I just hope we're a bit more relaxed by tomorrow or heads are going to roll. LOL.

Only one more day left until NaBloPoMo 2008 ends. Who would have thought I can get this far? Hope everyone else is having a great weekend. Don't let the holiday stress get you.


Paper Propaganda said...

not cool, i hate when stuff like that happens at restaurants... i like to be seated too :(

Brian o vretanos said...

Being ignored is very frustrating. I hope next week is better.

Melisa said...

Forgive me Sis, but the titles of your last three posts have me shrieking with laughter.

I'm sorry you had such a crappy day, and hope today is going better for you!

And congrats on NaBloPoMo! This year it was just too big of a challenge for me to add to my plate of busy-ness, and I'm really impressed with you and the others who made it happen. (I hope you don't totally take a blogging vacation starting 12/1!!!)

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Have Fun- NOW DAMN IT NOW!!!!!!!

Don't make me tell you again!

Anonymous said...

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