Saturday, November 22, 2008


In a spontaneous burst of action we got up and cleaned like mad people today. Ok we didn't clean as much as we did clear out a lot of stuff that had accumulated in our cupboards, the pantry and our closets. It felt liberating.

The first weekend in ages that the hubby and I have to ourselves and what do we do? We clean. Yeah I know what you're all thinking. That must be love.

There wasn't much else to do today anyway. The massive amount of snow that needed to be cleared that failed to appear meant we didn't have to spend time shoveling said masses and left us with enough time for ourselves.



Melisa said...

Yay! (But I thought you had a cleaning lady? LOL)

It's great to really enjoy these kinds of weekends, even if you're cleaning.

Paper Propaganda said...

I'm spending my weekend a block away from my husband, even though he leaves tomorrow to Ontario... he can clean! lol. glad for no snow here yet either!

Tara R. said...

I've been taking on a new de-cluttering project every weekend this month. I'm trying to get hubs to tackle the garage with me. Any hints on how to get him to help.

Brian o vretanos said...

If the two of you need some more quality time alone, you're welcome to use my flat next time I'm away ;-)

Brian o vretanos said...

Though given the state it's in, you'll need more than just a weekend ;-)