Friday, December 12, 2008

Bits of random information

I am suffering from carpal tunnel and am having a really hard time typing this. My entire hand started to swell last night, so much so that I had to take off my wedding ring out of fear I would cut off the blood supply to my ringfinger.

Thank God it is only another four working days until I can relax for three weeks. This sounds heavenly. My hand could use a bit of a break.

It's been snowing all night and is still snowing this morning. Everything is white and looks so beautiful. We are hoping that it will stay cold enough to bring us a white Christmas but we will see about that.

Only another 10 days (today included) to Hannukah and 12 till Christmas. This year was over in no time

Went out to dinner with friends last night to celebrate my best friend's birthday. What a fun evening this was. They filled us up on beer and schnaps and amazingly enough I am not suffering from a hangoverlike headache this morning.

I've got the hubby back who was out of town for the past to days and I have had the best night's sleep since I don't know when (probably since we had to spend the night apart last).

Have a splendid Thursday and remember - it's almost weekend.


k a t i e said...

It's Friday night here and mainly I'm jealous of your snow...uhh, photos Kat?!

It's freezing, raining and I'm feeling old. Hope you have a much better Friday night :)

Melissa said...

I hope your wrists feel better soon. Can you get a brace to wear to help a little?

Ack 12 days to Christmas...I'm so not ready...

Brian o vretanos said...

Sorry to hear about the Carpal Tunnel. The operation they do can be very effective, though.

I did what little Christmas shopping I needed to do this afternoon, so I'm feeling virtuous ;-)

Be careful in the snow...

MarvelousMOM said...

Sorry about the carpel tunnel...that isn't good. I always worry about getting it since I type so much for my job. Maybe a brace would help??

I'm hoping for snow this weekend...jealous that you get to see the beautiful whiteness.

Paper Propaganda said...

i <3 the Pogues... you have no idea... and i loooove that song!! nice meme :)

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Do you know the stretching exercises dear? Whenever my wrist/top of hand starts to hurt there are a serious of exercises designed to stretch the carpal tunnel out that ALWAYS work for me. You are supposed to do them every day but I never remember until it starts to hurt then I do them and it always helps.

If you don't know them I will type them up for you!