Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ryanair is to Charge You for Using Lavatory On Board

Have you heard what the masterminds at Ryanair, the Irish low cost carrier, came up with?They want to charge people on their flights to pay if they need to use the lavatory.

Not that I'd ever set foot in one of Ryanair's machines (the hubby knows there's a ban on that. Ryanair = evil) but that strikes me as fucking stupid. IF and only IF I ever had to fly Ryanair (and I pray to God that I won't have to ever) and I would have to pee urgently, I would just piss on their seats and see how they liked that.

Not only is Ireland 'rip off country' - they've perfected it.


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Brian o vretanos said...


If people start pissing on the seats, then I'm sure the company will take that opportunity to start making their "customers" bring their own. plus a jerry can of aviation fuel...