Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lapsus Linguae

Conversation between me and hubby about what we should have for dinner. We were thinking Thai Curry. Then thought better of it and said we could easily wait another five weeks to get the real deal while in Thailand.

So dreaming about all the different kind of curries, we started naming them:

Him: Green Beeef Curry
Me: Green Chicken Curry
Him: Red Pork Curry
Me: Yellow Squirrel Curry
Him: You surely mean squid. Please tell me you mean squid.

Squirrel - squid. Schmirrel - shit.

Yep please pray that this wasn't a Freudian slip. Do not want to eat squirrel though promised myself will try crickets, bugs or fried maggots next time I'm there.


Brian o vretanos said...

Squirrel sounds more appetising than crickets or maggots. I think you should try them all and let us know which is best...

Kat said...

Brian Can't see myself eating crickets, maggots I may eat..squirrel? Too cute for me :)

Mags said...

Did you really say "beeef" all drawn out like that? If so, I'm giggling. :)

Also-what was the dish you blogged about last year (?) that your husband LOVES but it makes him poop his pants. Or maybe it just hurts his stomach. But poops his pants is funnier.

I thought it was red curry.

terri said...

Please tell me you're kidding about the maggots.

Kat said...

Mags Haha yeah it was me who gets diarrhea from eating chicken. That must be why I love beeeeeef so much :)

Terri No, not at all. I heard they're delicious. I'd prefer trying them over crickets as the legs and wings on these critters really would bug me. (pun intended)

misguided mommy said...

hey kat can you update my link on the side please to reflect my new webpage...thanks love!