Thursday, March 5, 2009

Twittermagic Whatchamacallit

Over the years I’ve been on everything IRC, ICQ, MSN messenger, MySpace, Facebook and its German equivalent Studivz, Flickr, Blogger, Twitter…. You name it I’ve been there. Few things lasted.

MySpace? Boring. Facebook? Fun for a while. After the initial curiosity has been satisfied? Back to being bored. Flickr? Still use it to update people that I can’t see regularly. Blog? Love it. Started in 2005 to update friends and family on my Ireland adventures. Then stopped, as a few people read the blog I didn’t want on there. Deleted all old posts and started over in 2007. For a while there it was THE thing and I am still into it. Twitter is however the hype at the moment and I wonder how long it will last.

Twitter is awesome. Easy to use, fast and news spread faster than a wildfire. If the trend continues Twitter could even move onto Google’s turf as some kind of real-time news search engine. Application such as Tweetdeck already give you the opportunity to check what is being twittered about right now and is great for finding tweets on things of interest.

Twitter is great. I ♥ it. In today's fast paced world it is perfect for news junkies and folks with "ADD" and the attention span of a goldfish. Not always reliable but then again, what is? In the end it is entertaining. No wonder paper and magazine sales are plummeting.

So tell me what of the above you’re using and what you enjoy the most.


Melisa with one S said...

I think you know what I'm using (that sounds weird): blog, Facebook, Twitter...I'm on Dad Blogs too. Also yesterday I just added a new obsession:

Go check it out. You know you want to. (I signed up after I sent that tweet yesterday about Lady Gaga. :) )

BTW, one of the things I love about Twitter is that, since you and I set up our cell phones to get direct messages, I can text you through Twitter whenever I want. :)

Mags said...

I am not on Twitter. I don't get it. I haven't tried to sign up or anything but it just doesn't interest me. I don't know why...

I'm on FB and blogs. That's about it-I love facebook.

Brian o vretanos said...

I like blogs because they give you the ability to plan and present things nicely, provide a record you can look back on, as well as to communicate spontaneously and sometimes have discussions in the comment sections.

I haven't really tried the others. Things like facebook seem to be a bit like blogs but not as good. I went and had a look at your twitter page, but I can't imagine wanting to have one of my own - I don't have enough to say.

misguided mommy said...

I am retardedly hooked on facebook. I can't get off it. It is my drug. I tried twitter but I always forget to go back and read it. When I get into it though I babble a lot!

how have you been? I miss hearing from you

Mrs. J said...

I haven't tried twitter yet! I am so left behind! I joined Facebook last yr and cancelled it and reactivated it again. I have so many sites to maintain, it is so crazy! I had myspace and friendster (the rage in Phils.)Then now everyone in friendster are moving to Facebook. My profile is everywhere, dang

Tara R. said...

Like I said Great Minds. I have a Twitter page, a timeline on Plurk and just added Facebook to my repertoire. Oh, and a blog. I am becoming part of the Borg.

Paper Propaganda said...

if you got paid by the hour to be on facebook, i'd be a millionaire! ... i'm going to be a long term junkie i'm afraid!