Tuesday, June 23, 2009

not another toilet story. promise


I’m finally able to blog about something that happened to me last week. It is not so much the fact that it was embarrassing that kept me from blogging about it but rather the fact that every time I remembered it I had to cringe and then started to giggle uncontrollably. My husband hasn’t had it easy with me over the last few days.

So on Thursday last week we had a friend, who also works for the same company but in another town, come and stay with us and I made my famous Spaghetti Bolognese. I use a ton of onions, garlic and root veggies for the recipe, which makes it oh so delicious.

Dinner went over very well with the men. Only the next day I was suffering the after effects of that very dinner. I couldn’t very well let one rip in work as there’s just no privacy anywhere.

fartAs I was suffering through my workday I couldn’t wait to finally have some privacy. I headed towards the parking garage. As I sat in my car, windows up, radio on I made sure noone was around to witness me very (un)ladylike letting one rip. Seriously I was on the verge of exploding so a little relief was needed.

As I turn on my car I see our friend in the rear-view mirror walking out of the building. He spots me and comes over to my car. I was getting really nervous, hoping he would settle for a little wave good-bye but he was having none of it. He gestured me to roll down my window but I was hesitant so he just opened the passenger door and stuck his head in. I almost died of shame and felt very much like the female character in the infamous commercial below.


Luckily our friend did not twitch nor did he bat an eye but I was soooooo very embarrassed. When I came home I told my husband about it and couldn’t stop laughing.

So there you go. Pretty close but not exactly another toilet story :)


Melisa with one S said...

Kat, you are so funny.

Thanks for the morning laugh! (and I hope your gas situation is better: bwahaha!)

misguided mommy said...

oh my god this always happens to me. never fails i will fart and 5 seconds later my husband will suddenly show up in that room. drives me crazy.

that commercial HILARIOUS you guys have much better commercials there.

Brian o vretanos said...

I sometimes have the same problem at work, but I've found that our machine room is the ideal place to go, because there's so much noise and heat from the equipment that the aftermath of spag bol, however violent, is undetectable.

It's funny, but that kind of situation is something that I'm always afraid of happening when I'm alone in my car, even though it never has. Yet. I always imagine that someone I know will want a lift.

terri said...

You're a brave woman for sharing that story! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...


Here's mine...

In maybe third grade, I was in class just before school started. I needed to fart and lots of kids were talking, so I figured I could let it slip out quietly. But one millisecond before I let it out, everyone suddenly stopped talking, as sometimes happens.

And it was not a SBD one..it was loud. The teacher heard it three rows up and looked up, asking who was responsible. Everyone around me said it was me, as I tried to weakly deny it despite my red face. She just smiled and looked back down.

Paper Propaganda said...

LOL!! i've been in those situations, so not fun when it happens to you!