Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fisheye? why yes, thank you. i’ll have some

What do you do when your birthday is a mere two days away? You treat yourself and consequently upset your husband.

Today I received my long awaited Lomo Fisheye camera. Who said analog photography was dead?

So I received my little package and went to the supermarket to buy some 35mm film and a battery to start me off. Then I rushed home because patience? Not a virtue of mine. I tore the wrapping off and out came this awesome little package:

Sure enough the awesomeness awaited me when finally opening the neatly designed box. It kinda felt like Christmas.

And there it was. My Lomography Fisheye 2 White Knight 35mm compact camera. It took me a couple of minutes to wrap my head around the fact that it is now mine and mine alone.

Do you know how weird it is to load a roll of film into a camera after years and years of digital photography? As the cat was the only moving and remotely interesting thing home at that point, I forced her to model. The poor feline creature. It took some getting used not seeing immediate results after hearing the shutter click. But after a while I happily snapped away.

Getting up close and looking through the fisheye viewer, seeing everything distorted. All I could think was awesome, can’t wait to pick up the prints. This is going to be so exciting and brings me back to the good old times when, after a camping trip or a field trip, you excitedly went to the drugstore to pick up your prints to see how they turned out.

I will keep you posted on my progress. For now I will leave you with a photograph of the addition to my ever expanding camera family.

If you want to know more about lomo camera’s or lomography you can read more about it here and here. Next on my wishlist are the Diana F+ and the Holga… I ♥ photography.


Melisa with one S said...

How fun! I can't wait to see some of your creations with it!

Anonymous said...

This is her Hubby..

I am still upset that you broke your own rule not buying anything for yourself one month prior to your birthday...and still, i love you to the moon and back...

House of Jules said...

How exciting! I'm dying for a Diana....

Jeninacide said...

That is so cool! I love when this kind of camera is used artistically. When used to photograph pictures of houses for rent online- NOT SO MUCH.

Have fun with your new toy!

The Devoted Dad said...

That looks like fun. I can't wait to see what you create with it. Wow! 35mm. It's been a few years since I've said that. -Jason

Grace Matthews said...

I can't wait to see the results. I just started a photography class and I am in love with taking pictures.

Kat said...

Melisa Me too. I will make sure to scan and upload a batch.

Jules Me too, it is on top of my wishlist. Did you see they have a Diana Deluxe Kit, with splitzer and add. flashes etc.? It is so awesome.

Jeninacide yeah taking pictures for or looking of pictures at realty sites isn't the same fun as fooling around with a camera doing some artsy fartsy stuff.

Devoted Dad I'm right there with you. When I picked up the film I felt as though people were looking at me strangely :)

Grace Matthews If you are touching the subject of analog and lomography...enjoy. A photography course is next on my list ;)

Anonymous said...

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I await the day when I will finally be able to afford a 20 TB drive, hahaha. But for now I will be satisfied with having a 16 gigabyte Micro SD Card in my R4i.

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