Thursday, September 17, 2009

sad world

After a fantastic day at lake Chiemsee close to the Alps we are all back to reality. And reality? Sucks. Well at times it does.

So let’s see what we came back to:

1. Another student running amok – Police in Bavaria stopped a student armed with an axe and Molotov cocktails from killing others at a school

2. Incest case in Australia – Pervert fathered four children with daughter he began raping at age 11

3. Beaten to death at train station - Two youths beat a businessman to death at a Munich train station as he tried to defend a group of children

…not to mention countless other dramas & tragedies happening the world over. It is really a sick, sick world we’re living in. I have a case of the sads. Sigh.

I want to go back to the tranquil world of life on the lake.


My Two Army Brats said...

Wow. Sad.

Brian o vretanos said...

It always was and always will be. Often the only thing to do is shut the sickness out, and concentrate on all the plusses.

Anonymous said...

Me too! The real world sucks which is why sometimes I refuse to watch the news!

Grace Matthews said...

I love going on vacation and getting away from it all, but coming home to reality does suck!

terri said...

Sometimes the sad news is overwhelming. Just yesterday, a local 16 year old was driving to school. He was blinded by the sun and a foggy windshield. He hit a woman in his path. 33 years old - walking her 3 month old baby in a stroller. The baby was fine. The mom died of head injuries. My heart just breaks for all of the families connected to this.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to focus on the good stuff. The bad is always there, but somehow, we have to keep doing our daily thing in spite of it.